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Monday, December 19, 2011

A long weekend!

I took off Thursday and Friday last week to make myself a much-needed long weekend. I had some Christmas activities to finish up, but mostly this was just to get rid of some use or lose vacation!
I got interrupted by a very long series of phone calls at work related to one of my hepatitis C patients - this had to be solved or he'd miss his Friday injection. Then I got called in because the alarms were going off like crazy because my sub forgot to turn off a printer.
Other than that it was a fun weekend in which I:
- Had lunch at Commander's Palace, complete with $0.25 martinis and bread pudding souffle (of course).
pic from website 

- Celebrated the end of the semester with friends who are first year law students.
- Took a walk in Audubon park to feed the ducks.
- Baked up a storm: gingerbread cookies, peppermint cake balls, more fruitcake. I tried a British boiled fruitcake recipe and it's just so-so.

- Went to the library and got some fantastic books - I love Trevanian!
- Finished shopping for David, including stuffing his stocking.
- Cleaned the entire house, did groceries, and other boring stuff.
- Watched football.
- Joined the Varsity Sports long run Saturday group for about 10 miles.
- Ran the Old Man River half marathon, 1:30:26, another PR! And first in my age group (I think 6th overall). I wore Santa socks!

And nobody noticed them  :(

- Had an intervention with a sibling who decided to pierce his lip. Since he is now living with me (interim; the semester just ended) I have the power of food to control his actions. He's totally in the doghouse right now.
- Got a brake tag on my car the day it was due; I like to avoid those late fees!
- Snuggled on the sofa with my favorite blanket, a book, and the hubby.

Overall, a fun long weekend! How was your weekend?


  1. 1:30?!! Holy smokes...and it is so underplayed (unless there is another post and of course I missed it since I am bad at blog reading these days)....anyway, congrats!! I would be thrilled with this time!! Lip piercing intervention...ahh, not worth it. They'll find a way to do it anyway. :)

  2. Ok, I have to call you out on the fact that you said some day you will be fast in a comment last week on my blog... YOU ARE FAST - YOU TOOK FIRST IN YOUR AGE GROUP.

    Ok, there, I said it. Now, no more saying one day you will be fast - at least not to me! ;)

    My weekend was great! I did lots of baking and cooking and went to a holiday concert!

  3. i'm with the ladies above - you've been throwing down some amazing times lately and with seemingly no effort! but that could just be because you don't blog about the mundane day to day training.

  4. a pr with a 10 miler the day before. How do you do that? You are amazingly strong. back to back marathons w/ a PR, and a 10 miler and a half marathon PR. Go Girl!

  5. Um, I LOVE those santa socks. I totally would have said something if I'd seen them.

  6. That sounds like a great weekend! I love your socks! I would love to follow someone who is wearing those!