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Thursday, December 22, 2011

FYI and etc

FYI - Andy's comments (see last post) didn't bother me; we kind of kid with each other. I don't think he's serious with anyone.

Today we had a second line and a brass band through the whole hospital, including my pharmacy. Featured performer: Kermit Ruffin! A lady whose daughter died from cancer hosts the second line for cancer patients at the hospital each year.

There was a car fire in the garage at work, and because structural damage is inspected, we've all been forced to use another, further, sketchier garage. Tonight I saw one of the attending physicians make one of his residents go fetch his Porche from the garage for him! Curbside valet! So funny.

I'm working Christmas morning and I'm a little bummed about that.

Oh my gosh I cannot wait for Santa to bring me a new computer. I am so tired of sharing with the hubster!

Tonight I made bitter lime marmalade. So yummy! If you like bitter things that contain more sugar than an entire cake, that is.

My little brother is still sleeping on my sofa. I won the lip-piercing argument and he removed the wretched thing (he confessed that it actually drove him crazy and made eating a gross experience).

I have 20 miles scheduled for Christmas is actually my last LONG long run before the marathon January 15th! So basically my sporadic training is in taper!

I really need to cycle into new shoes. My Saucony Kinvaras have 1000 miles on them! I'm very impressed with how well they've held up - and honestly I am sure I could get more miles from them but my knees are feeling achy so I think the inner foam has broken down. I heard from a few people that the Kinvaras were cheaply made, but I beg to differ - these wore very well.

How long/how many miles do you get out of your shoes?
Are you working Friday or off for the holidays? I'm working and I think we'll be dead. Boredom here we come.


  1. Second line at work? SWEET! (And you're kidding about Kermit Ruffins, right? If not WHY IS THERE NO VIDEO???) :)

    Running shoes: 500-700 miles before I turn them into hiking shoes.

    Happy holidays! (Even if you do have to work)

  2. I figured that your coaches comments were totally joking, haha

    For shoes, I generally go with around 400 miles per pair or so. But I've heard that with Newtons people can get around 1000 or something. Not sure what the recommended life is for Kinavara is. I'm not an expert at it, but you can look at the outside midsole to see how much the foam has been crushed to see when it is time to replace your shoes. Going based on when your knees start to feel it a bit is a good idea too.

  3. Ah Beth my old phone can't do video! You're not the first person to ask!

  4. This reminded me of my younger brother. He came to visit me when he was 15 with a TONGUE RING. Ugh. I bugged him so much that it was out by the time he left a week later.

  5. I had to work at the hospital on Christmas too, booo.

    The story about the attending making his resident get his car made me laugh out loud in a major way. We have TONS of those types in our surgery department haha.

  6. Holy moly, 1,000 miles is impressive. I hit about 500 miles tops on mine. I can just feel and see the wear in them and can't stand it any longer. Often I have to force myself to hold off purchasing for a few weeks just because I can tell when the shoes are almost out the door, but I still want to get my money's worth.

    Hope your Christmas shift was fairly uneventful. And cheers to tapering!