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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How often do YOU race?

I got yelled at by my "coach" last week.
Back up...
I don't have a coach. I started running on the track with Varsity (a local running store) on Mondays this fall, and the chap who leads it thinks he's my coach.
I've never been coached, and I sure don't want a coach. See, I didn't realize this, but all they do is yell at you.
I told my "coach" about my last marathon...the 27 mile one....and all I got was this:

Um, so rude!!!
Then I let it slip that I was running a half-marathon on Sunday (Old Man River half I ran Dec 18th) and I got a snide, "Yeah, like why would you ever skip a long distance race?"
Why indeed?!
I run maybe 5 marathons a year, a couple of halfs, and some other interesting distances like 10-mile or 30k. Not too many. If I were actually racing these races, as in, in medal contention, I'm sure I'd back off. But for fun, I'd rather run races than do long runs by myself. So why not?
How often do you race - and if you run marathons, how many is too many per year, and how close together is too close?


  1. I think close together is relative because it pertains to how hard you ran versus how quickly you recover.

  2. I think this is totally an individual thing. But I will say that as I've gotten older, I am recognizing my limits. Two marathons/year, tops, for starters. In 2010, I did a total of 11 races, PRing many of them. But you know what? By the end of the year, I was sick all the time and then injured. So for this coming year, I will be scaling back.

  3. lol, that email is hilarious! I think I race a lot less than other people, the most races I've ever done in a year is 6 I think in 2009. When I get back to being healthy, my goal was to do 1 marathon/year, 3 half marathons, and maybe a 5K and 10K.

    Not sure what is going with my google friend connect follow thing, hopefully it works now!

  4. I think each runner is different. Some thrive on distance events. Some are better at the shorter stuff. Some can race frequently. Some like months off between events. You have to know what works for you.

    I say you kick this grump to the curb. Or just run, screaming, in the other direction. I'm certain he can't catch you!

  5. Sounds like that guy wants to be a coach. Funny how others think they can decide someone's goals when they haven't been consulted.

    I race about 1-2 marathons per year, 1-2 halfs and some other random, fun sounding races. I would race A LOT more local trail, 5K and 10K races if I could afford it. So I end up signing up for the races that sound the most fun, have cool scenery, are unique and give me the most bang for my buck.

    Personally, I don't think I want to run more than 2 marathons per year. My body just needs the down time to recover and not be in a constant state of injury. I also love yoga, cycling, cross training too much not to spend some time on them.

  6. Wow, that was a harsh approach. I think we all know our bodies and what they can handle. For me, I can only do a marathon a year. But it takes a lot for me to prepare for them, and I don't have the natural inclination for running like you do. And it takes me a while to bounce back.

  7. Are you guys friends? Does he know you well enough to talk to you like that?

    I think that we are each different. I know that when I feel good, I want to race...for fun. I bounce back pretty quickly from races, so there is no reason not to run a race each weekend if you feel good. I know that you will listen to your body if you need to! Tell him to stuff it.

  8. I agree with others - I think it depends on the individual and how they recover!!

  9. ditto... it depends on the person. some people's bodies can handle it better than others, no matter what kind of pace they are running. so far it seems like you can handle it just fine!

  10. You guys must bee good friends for him to be so blunt with you! Although I tend to take teasing about racing pretty seriously, depending on whom it is from.

    I only raced 9 times this year (so far) and that was including one full and one half. I would maybe push that to two more races of those distances, but the problem is that racing can interfere with training. :) lol
    I have been doing more shorter distance races because the recovery is quicker, and fewer longer distances because ...mostly...they cost too much! But the recovery time for an all out race takes me a lot longer. That probably varies from person to person. I would not do much speedwork- if any- for 4 weeks after a marathon. A 5k is a great Vo2 workout though, and I would like to do those twice a month if it could be arranged. That's just me!

  11. I'm starting to race more now that I'm less psycho about it...ha ha...seriously though, after college I didn't want to race very often. now, I'm excited to go out and do a 10k just for kicks. 2 marathons a year for me is good...maybe only for one takes a lot. But I guess if I did it just for fun then that would be different. But a marathon really isn't fun for me. Half marathons..those can be fun and I'd say 2-3 a year.