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Monday, October 3, 2011

Visiting Keene

The husband and I visited Keene, NH, last week, and despite the relative warmth I enjoyed seeing New England in the early Fall. I'm actually from Connecticut, so I get a little homesick for the Northeast. Keene is small, but clean, attractive, and very well behaved.

And every Jack O'Lantern counts.

Seriously. Keene holds several world records for...the largest pumpkin party? And the chamber of commerce would like you to know that YOUR PUMPKIN COUNTS!
We couldn't do as much as planned in Keene because as usual, our US airways flights were both delayed (mechanical) and we ended up in Keene 5 hours later than planned. I have sworn off US airways flights before, but this time I mean it. They have very poor customer service and problem-prone flights. The day before the race we barely made it to Keene in time for packet pickup, and the charming race volunteers recommended some pasta places. We went straight to Luca's, which was pricey but delicious. For dessert we had a chocolate pyramid, which was like tiramisu (heavy on the liquor) ensconced in a rich chocolate shell.

Obviously, race morning I was a little occupied, and David went to church while I ran. After the race, we went on a Fall foliage drive, with the intent of ending at a hiking spot. However, the first location recommended was closed, and by the time we reached the second it was dark. We went for about a mile walk in the woods but David was not happy with the dark and we headed back.

The foliage was just starting to turn, but the scenery was adorable regardless.
We caught the late football game at Vendetta's, a sushi sports bar with boutique beers. Somehow they make this work. The food, beer, and staff (one very friendly football-obsessed bartender) were all outstanding.
Our flight didn't leave until 5 the next day, so we had time for another outing Monday morning. So we climbed Monandock Mountain. What else would we do on tired, post-marathon legs? There were two separate trails to the top.The first started out gently sloping up, and was mostly just light woods.
My cute hiking partner, who complained the entire way uphill

I am seven.

The next trail was quite steep (few pics here, since David was protecting the camera for most of the climb) and it was straight up a rocky creek bed. Basically it was a climb up stiff boulders, and it was tough on my super sore legs.
My general fatigue caught up with me and I required a little rest.

I look so worn and wan here that I feel sorry for MYSELF!

(The trip down, by the way, was beyond murderous for my poor quads; I literally cried).
The view at the top, though, was worth the pain!
The peak behind us

Trying not to fall to our deaths

Overall verdict? Keene is cute and hospitable. I hope they win their pumpkin record.


  1. These pictures are awesome! So beautiful there! I have always wanted to visit the NE but really have not gone anywhere besides NY City.

  2. It's so beautiful. I love NH. Live free or die! It's good you got a little time to enjoy the area before heading back home! My boyfriend lives near Boston and he too is complaining of the unseasonable heat. I love it though! It's been in the 30s here at night and although it makes for good after work running weather, it also makes for nippy mornings!

  3. They take their pumpkins seriously! Beautiful hiking - surely it helped work out some soreness by the next day. And that tiramisu looks delish.

  4. I am glad that you got to hike Monadnock. I hiked it last Spring with my son's fourth grade class. So fun! Although doing it after a marathon I don't know that is pretty impressive.
    Stay away from US Air! They are the worst. My husband refuses to fly them for business. They are never on time and they stink when it comes to customer service. I honestly don't know how they are still in business.

  5. Nice area, Ive hiked Monadnock a few times myself! That area at this time of year is gorgeous!!!! Did you see all the changing colors?