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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is my reading nook.

I decided I needed a reading nook, just so I could have something to call a "nook". What a fun word to have in your house!
I wanted to have a little place by a window with a table and a comfy chair, well-lit, so I could read my books without hunching up in bed. Bed used to be the only place to read in my house because there is no air conditioner in the living room, so it's off limits for 6 months of the year.
Because of a window shortage, I had to scratch that particular requirement off my reading nook list of wants. You see, the window nearby has an A/C unit in it, which as I mentioned a minute ago is of tantamount importance. So I just got a super bright light instead. My "table" is a rope chest that I store my yarn in (I have lots of yarn hanging around so I'll be ready to crochet a teddy bear for a friend's new baby at a moments notice. Crocheted teddies are so cuddly!). The chair is a dark wicker chair I got on ridiculous sale at Pier One, with a plain old cushion on it.
What's missing? Wall art! Look how plain those walls are! I simply must find time to drag my easel out and paint some pictures!
Where do you like to read? Are you a bed-reader? Or do you have to have lots of light or windows?


  1. It's not exactly a nook, but I park myself on my fiance's old leather love seat (that he got from his grandmother)- it's beat up, but by far the most comfortable seat in the house. It's located under a window, but it actually connects to the porch rather than to outside. (The only problem with that is that once my fiance was on the porch and tried to open the window, which swings inwards, not thinking that I was sitting on the love seat, and whacked me in the head.)
    I also surf the net and nap in the same spot, so it's not just for reading, but it is my spot for relaxing.

  2. I have a reading chair that I will use sometimes. It's in my living room and is very close to the wall a/c unit. Prime location, really. I read in bed alot, but my bedroom is not ac'd, so that is not the best place to read... or sleep really since it's like 83 degrees in there these days. Lovely.

    I don't have to have lots of light to read... My dad is always scolding me when I read in dimly lit places as he thinks it's going to ruin my eyes!

  3. I have a reading nook. Sometimes I read in bed and sometimes in the nook. It's one of those round papasan chairs in the corner of our dining room/my yoga area. It's so comfy I could just fall asleep when I'm tired.

  4. I read anywhere. Because I read so quickly, and just want to have a book in my hand. That said...I do have "my spot" in the living room. And the whole fam knows that if mom wants her chair, move.

  5. I am a bed reader for sure. I love reading every night before I fall asleep because it calms my mind ;-)