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Monday, June 14, 2010

In which my job takes a weird turn and I don't know what to think

Last year I was hired with the goal of becoming manager of my company's first on-site, clinical pharmacy in the state. It was to be located in a prominent hospital with the goal of bridging inpatient to outpatient medicine. Brilliant idea. I was excited.
That was a year ago. Since then the project has been postponed and put on hold numerous times. And just when it seemed like the project was rolling, and I had submitted an application, my district supervisor called me. The hospital canceled the lease for the pharmacy. They decided they didn't like the 5 year renewal options and canceled. The lease is now in arbitration, but it looks like it's going to be a good long while.
While I waited for this job, I had been "floating" from one pharmacy to the next, covering other peoples' vacations. It's been ok, but the driving was getting to me. I had to drive over an hour to Hammond FOUR TIMES last week! My supervisor knew this was wearing on me and he's suggesting that until the clinic situation clears up I be promoted to a staff position in a nearby retail store.
I have mixed feelings about this.
- The store is close to my house - a little far to walk; easily bike-able
- It's on an "every third weekend" schedule so I'm not doing every other weekend
- The shifts are arranged starting at 7 am so on early days I get off at 3!
- There are three shifts - early, middle, late - so basically I only have to work a late night every third day.
- Finally a set schedule, no more driving all over the world, no more schedule changing at the last minute. I can make plans!
- The clinic might still happen, plus my supervisor has another opportunity in the works he thinks would fit me.
- This gesture illustrates that my supervisor is looking out for me and thinks highly of me, which bodes well for future opportunities.
- The store is in the ghetto and I might get shot for drugs.
- It's a busy store and I've noticed that the employees don't...shall we say...have a sense of urgency? I do. We might clash.
- The manager is a slob. S-L-O-B. I foresee myself cleaning up after him constantly.

So basically I don't know what to think. I guess I think...I'm glad I'll be near the house and have a set schedule and most of all I'm glad I have a job!!!
You know what's strangest about this whole thing? Exactly a year ago I got my bad job news while my husband was away on a silent prayer retreat (couldn't call him, couldn't cry to him). His retreat is scheduled for this weekend, and I have had a heavy premonition that I would hear job news this week. I was POSITIVE I would hear something this week: so much so that I said a prayer that it would be before hubby left for the retreat!


  1. Dang, that is a hard decision to make. There are some great pros, though, but the cons really suck. It's tough to come into a work environment where people don't have the same work ethic as you. Do you think you could turn that around? That's hard to do, but you never know...

    It's great that your supervisor is really looking out for you, though. I hope you figure out what the right decision is. Job decisions are so tough. Maybe if you took this job, the other job your supervisor has in mind would open up fairly soon... so you wouldn't be 'stuck' there for too long...

    Good luck w/ the decision! And yah, what are the chances that big decisions like this fall when your husband is at a silent retreat!!!1

  2. I'm taking it and it starts tomorrow!