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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Safe Driving Tips...and cholesterol

Today I'm taking a moment to share with you some safe driving tips I received in the mail from my health insurance company. You may guffaw if you like.
"Put your cell phone on silent before you enter the car."
"Pull over in a safe location and park your vehicle if you must make a phone call."
"Explain on your voice mail greeting that if you are driving you will be unable to return the phone call immediately."

Now I personally believe I am what is known scientifically as a "supertasker" - someone who can complete multiple tasks while performing dangerous operations with no detriment to attention. I am a big multitasker (you think I'm blogging right now but I'm also listening to NPR, doing a webinar, eating breakfast, folding laundry, and answering an awkward email). When I was an undergrad I had a 30 minute commute to class. I used that time for assigned reading, eating my breakfast, and flashcards. I ate lunch on the way to work and dinner on the way home from work. I got SO used to eating in the car that I had no appetite if I wasn't driving! None of this ever seemed to distract me. I still multitask in the car, sorry other drivers. It's the only time I make phone calls and I (forgive me!) usually I bring something to do, like scientific literature reading to catch up on. Louisiana recently passed a law that texting while driving can be a primary offense, so I have to stop that, however.
I should probably cap this paragraph off with the fact that I've never been in an accident despite long commutes basically since high school. And as far as I know I haven't left any accidents in my wake either, haha.
How are you in the car? Distracted? Multitasking? Texting and Talking? Updating your facebook status?
And now a word about cholesterol. I worry about mine because I'm half Armenian and some Armenian women have hereditary low HDL. Mine used to mediocre - 42 - not low, but not at all good. After increasing exercise and increasing fiber (which definitely lowers LDL and I have a theory raises HDL) I have bumped it up to 68! High-sky, as my Lebanese professor used to say! May I recommend a little Metamucil daily? (For interested parties, yes, my high HDL did spike my total cholesterol; it was about 140 but that doesn't bother me as my LDL was in the 70's).
And in totally random and un-related news to anything under the sun, at the hubby's work picnic I came in second female in the 2 mile fun run. I earned the hubby instant notoriety for finishing several minutes behind me and we have been the subject of several teasing work emails. Good thing he's such a good sport, poor kid!


  1. Well done on finishing 2 & leaving the husband in the dust! ;)

    This is awful, but I don't even know what my cholesterol is. I haven't had it checked in like 5 years I am thinking? At that point it was super low. Luckily, I got the genes of my mom's side of the family (uber low bp & cholesterol).

    I am kind of bad about mulit-tasking. I really should stop texting while driving because that is pretty bad... I do like to make calls in the car, though. I am not a phone person so the chances of me calling a friend when I am home are so slight, but in the car, I have nothing else to do so I try to use the time to call people.

    Those suggestions are pretty ridiculous. The vm suggestion is worst of all. Wow.

  2. I totally agree about "not a phone person". I'd never call anyone if I wasn't stuck in the car with few other options!

  3. Your memory was right - it was Degas! I was rushing this morning to get everythng linked, and I got my French impressionists confused!!

    Are you a painter?