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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things that make me mad at the hubby

I adore the hubby. He's cute, sweet, polite, a total gentleman, and he thinks being mean is funny (so do I!). He also worships the ground I walk on, loves my cooking, and never ever complains about the money I spend on shoes.
But there are some things that make me want to wallop him with the closest dictionary. In the interests of a long and happy marriage, I'm compiling a list of the things that make me hate him, just so we can avoid these situations.

1. Exercising together. He wimps out at mile 0.2. I inspire! He wimps out again at mile 0.4. I cajole! He wimps out again at mile 0.5. I belittle! He wimps out again at mile 0.6. I stop, annoyed, and we go through this big rigmarole about where to meet, who has the car or house key, etc. I run off in a huff and hubby stops to talk to someone he knows.

2. Letting him drive my car. He always hits the curb when he parks it. Of course, I drive a Scion, so it's sort of low to the ground. Still, no excuses! It can't be that hard to drive since I have no problem! Irritation!!!!

3. Letting him all. I have realized that the hubby is kind of a bad driver. He looks the wrong way down one-way streets at stop signs. He pulls out in front of 18-wheelers. He can't decide what to do at yellow lights and alternately brakes and guns the engine, generally ending up in the middle of the intersection with a red light. I know guys like to think they're cool race car drivers, so I bite my tongue on this one, but inside I'm seething.

4. When he does groceries. I sent him to buy bacon and he returned with a tray of four pre-cooked microwaveable bacon strips for $3.99. He bought Lactaid with extra protein instead of plain old milk. The produce he purchases is wilted, wormy, and rotten. And forget sending him with coupons!

5. When he shrinks my clothes. Sometimes he tries to help with the laundry, which is cute, but he never reads clothes labels - meaning I now own about a dozen doll-sized sweaters and some not-quite-capri pants. When he's in the laundry room, it all gets hot water, and it all goes in the dryer.

So my solution is to always drive when we're together, do all the laundry and groceries, and do our own exercise thing. How's that for saving a marriage? I should be a counselor!

What does your significant other do that bugs you? How do you deal with it? And sort of off-topic, who does the groceries at your house?


  1. OMG you crack me up! Actually a lot of my pet peeves are the same.....

    -whenever we go somewhere together, I usually drive. unless it is snowing bad... then I whimp out, general driving I prefer my driving.... bad weather driving I prefer his driving

    -working out. um we have found treadmills work best.... I can run my pace and he can run his.

    -grocery shopping. I do it. If anything he may come with me and his job is to push the cart... that is about it. LOL

    My other one though.... he only cares about clutter, I don't think he actually knows or notices when things are NOT clean.... ie vacuuming, cleaning the floors, scrubbing the shower, cleaning the toilet, etc. His way to solve this... for Christmas he got me a few visits from a cleaning service. :-)

  2. Ohhh love this. I would say the thing that drives me the most crazy about my (wonderful!) husband is when he says he's going to do something and then doesn't. It's always little stuff (like forgetting to put our netflix movie in the mail), but little stuff adds up after awhile!

  3. Love this, love this, LOVE this!! The "race car" driving, the groceries, the laundry... thank you for making me appreciate our differences during a week when I was beginning to wonder what I saw in this wonderful man!