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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Other cool uses for your toiletries

My bathroom is full of toiletries that I use in ways distinctly NOT recommended on the labeling. This sort of thing is why I consider myself to be "living on the edge". For example:

- If you have oily skin, you can wash your face with toothpaste. When I was a teenager I washed with toothpaste and warm water daily and NEVER broke out. It is too harsh, however, for dry skin. Disclaimer: this is a miracle worker, but it does contain fluoride. Of course, you put it in your mouth every day, so I'm not sure that matters. Just thought I'd make sure you knew.
- Old toothbrushes are magnificent for two things: combing your eyebrows and removing excess mascara. Instead of discarding your old toothbrushes, run them through the dishwasher to disinfect, then store in your make-up drawer. Nothing is superior for getting natural lashes: you have to try this!
- Big bottles of cheap conditioner make great in-shower body lotion. After you wash, slather on Suave's coconut conditioner and rinse off for softer skin.
- You can also use conditioner to tame bangs: if my bangs have gotten too much personality during my beauty sleep, a TINY bit of conditioner on a dry toothbrush (yet another toothbrush use!) brushes the kinks and unwanted waves out.
- Mouthwash is a strong disinfectant. If you - horrors! - picked at a pimple, dab mouthwash on with a Q-tip to kill the infection and dry the spot out. Or use mouthwash on a scraped knee; it stings, but it kills bacteria that might have entered the wound.
- If you are messy with mascara (I am - I almost never use it because I'm so bad at it), wipe Vaseline over your eyelids before applying mascara. Once it is on, use a tissue to wipe the Vaseline off and your mascara mistake will come right off. Wipe once more to remove excess oiliness before applying eyeshadow (or if you leave your skin with a thin layer, your eye shadow will go on a little thicker and the color will be more intense).
- Body or hand lotion is a great definer for the ends of your hair. Rub some in your hands and run your fingers through just the tips of your hair to smooth split ends and add definition.
- If your cuticles get dry and frayed in the winter, grab some Chapstick or lip balm and run the stick over your nails. Rub it in for softer cuticles and nails.
- I use my lipstick for blush. Put a dot on each cheek bone and rub it in. This gives a lovely sheer color and I think the rubbing motion encourages more natural placement than brushing.
- And I use lipliner for lipstick. I never wear lipstick because I have clown lips so I look funny. But you can add some color with lipliner: line around your lips, then add a few vertical strokes along the upper and lower lip. Put a little lip balm or Vaseline on your finger and rub the color in: start at the edge of the lip and rub towards the center, blending all the lining in towards the middle. This gives a very natural sheer tint. If you add a sheer lip gloss on top (I love Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush, even though it is sticky and unkissable) it will stay put all day.

So that's how I break all the rules in my morning routine. Do you do any of these, or have any unusual uses to share?
Do please tell. I'm always looking for new ways to displease the bathroom gods.


  1. What great new uses for all that stuff! I usually just use old toothbrushes for cleaning, but those other ideas sound great!

    Um.... I have used hair conditioner to as shaving cream before when I have been out, works fairly well. Nothing as interesting as your alternative uses!

  2. And I forgot: Trim your hair and bangs with a razor - it gives a soft edge and is easier to control than scissors. I've done a full hair cut with layers with a razor.

  3. I love the toothpaste facewash idea! I have crazy oily skin and it seems like most over the counter washes cause my face to break out. I'll have to try it!