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Monday, January 25, 2010


We won! We probably didn't deserve it, but I'm with Howie Long: it was destiny! The Saints are going to the Super Bowl!
Do you realize what this is doing to this city? It's gone crazy (er)! Last night after the win noise erupted in our neighborhood. People were setting off fireworks, running up and down the street, honking horns. Maple street has turned into one big street party. We walked down just to be part of the insanity - it was truly insane! We couldn't actually make calls from the 504 area code to another 504 number: the networks were overloaded. At one point a police car approached, presumably with the intent of clearing the street - but instead he rolled down his window and started blasting the "Crunk" song!

Of course, this is bittersweet for those New Orleanians who left the city after Katrina. This is a dream decades in the making, and to not be home to celebrate must hurt. I have friends who flooded in Katrina and live elsewhere now, and while they're happy, they're homesick. We promised to save them copies of the Times Picayune today, but everywhere was sold out at 7 am! I actually called the pharmacy I'm working at this morning and begged them to hold me a few copies. It's kind of cute to watch the hubby, too. I've had other teams: in the early '90's I was a rabid Skins fan, and when they won the Superbowl (in 1992?) I swore I'd marry Mark Rippian. And I've been a Pats fan for years, and they dominated football for many years. But for the hubby, his team is finally making it. I think last night he was in shock, and I'd be lying if I said he wasn't a little emotional!

The Super Bowl will be tough, of course, and our offense actually has to show up this time. But I'm not worried yet. I think I'll just bask in it all for now. Who dat! I believe!

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  1. Geaux Saints!!! How awesome, I cannot even imagine how nutty the city must be right now. I have such awesome memories of when the Superbowl was down there in 2002 with the New England Patriots playing.