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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My meeting with my boss...

...went pretty well yesterday. My scheduled meeting last week got postponed until yesterday, which turned out to be a good thing. Last Friday one of the other pharmacists called in sick and - being short-handed - we got kind of overwhelmed, and I'd rather my district manager NOT see me overwhelmed!
Yesterday I was working at a "bad" store: one with slow service, customer complaints, low sales, long lines, etc. But super-pharmacist came to the rescue! I had that store in tip-top shape. When my boss came in the store was busy, but everyone was being waited on; one person was getting an immunization; everything was on-time and caught-up and frankly, the store looked fantastic! That was good for me since I had opened the store that morning and my boss complimented us on it. Then while I was talking to him I got two compliments: one from a customer I'd helped and another from an employee. I have been doing pages over the loudspeaker advertising our immunization program (mainly because I like to hear myself speak) and she was saying how good they sounded. Perfect! And no, I didn't pay either person to compliment me, although in retrospect that's not a bad idea.
So anyway, after making a sterling impression, I met the boss in the office to talk about my next steps. Basically he is still encouraging this next step into a clinical/management position, but the position won't open until May. It has been pushed back since the original opening date (November 2009) several times. I will have to apply and the position will be open nation-wide, but it's good to know that I have the support of the DM as I apply. I was worried that he had been thinking about putting someone else in that spot, but he told me he's only had one person express interest - and she has since changed her mind when she found out she was expecting her second child.
In the meantime, I suggested some additional training I could do and he enrolled me in a webinar he thought would be beneficial too. And he's trying to set up a meeting between me and the manager of the division I will be applying for. So we're on the right track here.
I feel better after talking to him so I think that was definitely good advice - thanks :)
Now just to keep making good impressions until I apply!

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