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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Marathon recovery report

I took the whole week post-race off of any type of exercise, except some shake-out strides the next day (which were necessary to prevent insanely sore and stiff legs). So far, I feel fine. I think my knees settled down; my right hip is stiffer than my left, but that's normal for me.
Now I mildly sprained or twisted my ankle.
Because if running 26 miles won't sideline you, a trash can leaking oil as you rush to the elevator sure will.
Disgusting slime oozing from can that I slipped on. I flew through the air!
Dramatically! Yet managed to hang on to my coffee!

And you know why I was running to the elevator, instead of taking the stairs, like any rational human being? Because the stairs have been roped off for days for repairs, which in and of itself is a huge hazard. What if there is a fire?!
Anyway, I've been compressing my ankle, and it seems better, but it's still painful to stand in heels or wedges, so don't come by my pharmacy if you want to see someone dressed up in cute heels.


  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about the ankle twist/sprain! That's impressive that you saved your coffee, though! I'm glad you are recovering well otherwise!

    Also, I'm impressed that you would ever wear heels since you are on your feet all day! I am not on my feet much and I STILL don't wear heels very often. ;)

  2. I guess if you had to sprain your ankle it's good to have done it after your marathon. Crazy that the stairs are roped off. That's definitely a safety concern.

  3. Eek! Joint sprains = not so good for marathon recovery!!