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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Best shoe buying experience ever

I walked into my local Varsity Sports and said, "This is a long-shot, but do you have a pair of men's Kinvara 5's left in size 8.5?" and the employee, without missing a beat, said, "Yes, we do" and immediately laid his hands on a pair.

It was on clearance, so I got it for $69, which is less than I could find a pair online. In a matter of minutes I had just what I wanted - no hunting, searching, or waiting. Perfect!


  1. I haven't been shopping for shoes lately. That sounds about as perfect as it can get. In and out.

  2. I need to go there! You didn't happen to notice any other good deals, did you? ;-)

    1. They always have a sale shelf...and a free Tshirt when you buy shoes! But I never take the shirt, because I accumulate too many T-shirts.