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Friday, January 15, 2016

Registered! And broke!

My decision to register for the Louisiana Marathon (half) was made easier yesterday: my running friend Melissa told me she had to go to Baton Rouge for work on Friday, so she could pick up my packet. Woo hoo! I definitely didn't want to drive all the way to Baton Rouge the day before the race (no race day packet pick up), so this pushed me over the edge to register.
FOR $125.
No, seriously, that's what it cost. Insane. It's $140 at the expo! But I paid it - I am friends with the race director, and his family just had their fourth boy this year, who has Down syndrome, incurring extra costs for healthcare; plus the race is a big generator of charity dollars, gives back to the community, and hosts Ainsley's Angels. So I decided to fork over the dough for a worthy race. That's definitely the most I've paid for a half-marathon, though. In fact, I think the only race I ran that cost more was the Boston marathon!

Anyway, astronomical race fees aside, this is a great race - pretty course, historically lovely weather, fantastic after-party, and always lots of friends, so I'll enjoy it. I have had a touch of runner's knee for the past few days, so I hope that subsides, but otherwise I feel ready to race. I probably won't beat my last half marathon since I won't be tapering (something that becomes more and more important the older I get!), but I will definitely try!


  1. $125?! What is this race- the new Boston or NYC marathon?! I guess I'm used to the $35-$60 half marathons we have around here. I've only spent more than $100 on Boston, NYC, and Chicago. On the plus side, I'm sure you will get a ton of cool race swag!

    Good luck!! Can't wait to hear about this one!

  2. Yikes, that's pretty expensive. The Charleston Half Marathon is tomorrow, and even at the expo today, the registration fee was only $90 (which is pricey, but it is last minute... I think I paid about $55 when I signed up in the summer). I hope you do well in the race and have fun!

  3. $125! Yikes! I've heard nothing but good things about Louisiana Marathon/Half Marathon though, so it's all good. Good luck!

  4. Eek! That is indeed a hefty sum for a half. Good luck!!

  5. That's not unusual to pay for a marathon over here. I'm not sure why it costs that much but I'm pretty sure the race directors can justify it.

  6. Really work your hips and hamstrings this week, tightness there is probably your knee issue - it's usually mine anyway

    1. That's what I read. I will try to get a few extra hours of hip stuff in while watching play offs!