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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Maine vacation

We vacationed last week on Mount Desert Island, Maine. There were beautiful mountains, incredible scenery, lots of hikes, and plenty of seafood.

The only drawback was unseasonably warm weather (almost certainly because I was running a race that week, and you all know I bring the hot weather wherever I go). 

Highlights: incredible soft shell lobster, a boat trip to the Cranberries, and walking across the ocean floor to Bar Island at low tide. 
Walking to Bar Island
SW Harbor

Lowlights: way more driving than I'd have liked for vacation, sore hiking legs for my Saturday half, and no cell reception or Internet at all.
Overall? Lovely just to get away from work for awhile and spend some time with my darling!
Ferry to the Cranberry Islands


  1. Looks wonderful, and I think any chance to get away and have different and memorable experiences together is worth it.

  2. Wow!! Beautiful pictures. I've never been to Maine but I love lighthouses and hope to go on a lighthouse tour when I'm in my 60's. Gotta plan ahead, right?!

  3. It looks spectacular. You have such pretty places over there.

  4. Fun, that looks like an amazing get away! I have never been to Maine but I would love to go someday!

  5. Please, please come up to Anchorage and bring the hot weather with you, okay? It's getting cold up here. P.S. Nice pics.