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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project Lazarus Bon Appétit

This weekend David and I volunteered for one of my favorite charities, Project Lazarus. It's an AIDS service organization that provides housing for HIV+ patients who would otherwise be homeless. The program encourages patients to graduate through levels of assistance until they are ready to live on their own. I volunteer with them regularly to teach classes at their Wellness University; I lead the team-taught Medication and Wellness class.
Only two bracelets left. We had over 30 guests when the RSVP count was 16!
But this weekend we did something different, and - kind of more fun! We volunteered to be Project Lazarus greeters for their dinner party event. For Bon Appétit, donors volunteer to host dinner parties at their homes and "charge" guests (most send out invitations with suggested donations). We were assigned to a dinner party, and collected guests' donations and information. In exchange for a donation, they got a bracelet that got them into the after party. 
Once our donation-collecting duties were complete, we mingled with guests, enjoyed a gourmet dinner cooked by our host (including ceviche, deep-fried mac and cheese squares, and miniature chicken and waffles), and listened to a short talk about the program from one of Project Lazarus' board members (one was assigned to each dinner party). 
As dinner concluded, all the parties converged upon the Project Lazarus grounds (which are beautiful) for a fantastic champagne-and-dessert after party. We drank too much. But it was fun! 
I wore a lace shift cocktail dress with navy snakeskin heels and pearls. I have no good pictures, which is too bad, because the lace overlay on a short skirt is what makes the dress, not the plain top. David wore boring boy clothes. 
It was a fun and clever fund raising idea, and I think it was a huge success. I love to see causes close to my heart succeed! 


  1. What a wonderful organization, and sounds like a fun evening too!

  2. Ah, this sounds like such a fun night. I miss an excuse to dress up more often!! and drinking too much...sometimes that's just part of spicing life up a bit! Glad you had a good time!

  3. Love this. what a great charity and great event. Good for you!

  4. How fun! I love when organizations not only help people, but help teach people how to live without help.

  5. That's such a great thing to be part of.