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Friday, October 31, 2014

I miss them so much.

Today I dug out a pair of hoarded Kinvara 1's.
I think I bought these four years ago.

They were just as wonderful as I remembered.
I switched to the Brooks PureCadence after my femoral stress fracture. With no other explanation for the fracture (and not knowing that I was compensating for a torn labrum and had the associated instability), I looked for a shoe with some motion control. I like the PureCadence,'s just not the Kinvara. I LOVE the Kinvara. It feels light, soft, flexible, and foot-shaped. I miss them!
Will they be able to make a full-time comeback? I'll play that by ear. Or play it by hip. You know what I mean.


  1. I had a pair of Kinvaras once but I think I ran too much too soon in them and ended up injured. I should have gradually worked into them from my more supportive shoes. It's been years! Maybe I'll try again someday. They were comfy!

  2. Hope they are sweet for you!! Hoarding shoes is OK- especially when you find something you like.
    I sure hope running is treating you well and the hip is behaving.

  3. *sigh* Good luck! I hope you get back to them eventually. I'm pretty diligent about switching between models of shoes to keep my muscles confused, but I also definitely have favourite pairs (cough Mizuno Hitogami cough).

  4. So it's not just me who falls in love with shoes.

  5. I've been in love with the Brooks Adrenalines. No other shoes have worked for me as well as they have. Even the new style (the GTS 14's) still work with my gait needs. I love Brooks shoes!

  6. I love my Brooks, but so many people rave about the Kinvara, I'm always tempted to give them a try, just to mix it up a little bit on my muscles/bones.