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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First race back: what I wore

Back to racing, and I picked my most Octoberish outfit for Oktoberfest!

Orange singlet (Nike, from Varsity Sports) - a great, soft top but the fabric ended up being too warm
I was in flip-flops pre-race, but I'm holding my shoes for the race - Brooks PureCadence. Yeah, not the best 5k shoes, but given my projected (slow) pace and my hesitance to try anything different right now, it seemed the smartest choice. I didn't want to risk my hip with flats or lighter shoes.
My all-time favorite shorts, the incredibly comfortable and flattering Fleet Foxes Run Short from Coeur
Buy yourself some here. Non-affiliate link. And I paid for those shorts myself. But I got a discount. And I really adore them. They stretch a little with you, let in a little breeze without being terribly revealing, and the style is, indeed, quite flattering to the thighs!

Oooh! My underwear! I wore my bra with pockets, also from Coeur, which was brilliant. I stuck my chapstick and ID in there so I could enjoy Oktoberfest for the rest of the night! 

Also a picture of my new sunglasses, courtesy of Walgreens. I liked the subdued (non-reflective) lenses, but they didn't provide as much protection from the sun as I would have liked. It was super sunny.
What didn't work: I shouldn't have worn that top - honestly, I should have run in just a jog bra - but I liked the Halloween color combo. It was very hot out!
The sunglasses are new, and I haven't had a problem with them in early morning runs, but for full sun like this, I was squinting the whole time. I do like that they are vented to prevent fogging up, though. It works, but imperfectly.
And an action shot! Thanks, NOTC!

What did work: Shorts were a huge win. If I don't think about you once while racing, you're doing your job!
Bra - Ok, didn't really need the pockets for a 5k (for Gu in a marathon, though? That would have been great). But for post-race car key and chapstick, etc? Great choice!
I questioned my shoe choice initially, but I've really only been running in the PureCadence since I started back, and I didn't want to take any chances. Next time I'd go back to the Mizuno Mushas for short races.


  1. Well done on the Halloween colors, even if it meant being overheated!

  2. Great outfit and outfit review! So glad you are back at it. Will you be doing RnR NOLA again?

  3. Took me a couple of seconds to realise why the outfit was Octoberish. And that could be because I'm slow or it could be because Halloween's not much of a big deal over here. At least I got there in the end.

  4. I love that sportsbra! And those shorts sound awesome, too.

  5. Nice Halloween outfit! I love those shorts (Coeur and a couple other brands like Moving Comfort seem to be doing more shorts with that nice wide waistband lately - super comfortable). What's your threshold temperature for 'too hot to wear a top layer'? I'm curious because I pretty much always wear a tank top over my sports bra here - a relatively conservative culture means you'll almost never see someone running in just a bra and shorts.

    1. That depends on if I'm running or racing and what the distance is. In the summer, I'm often in a jog bra, usually when the heat index is over 95. It wasn't that hot for the race, but I overheat more running faster, of course.

  6. You look like a bad@ss in that action shot, love it!