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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jazz half marathon: another race I didn't run

I have deeper appreciation for my husband's patient spectating now that I've been on the sidelines for three races he's done on his own. Poor guy had to get up early with me so many times!
I was registered for this race, but my bones hate me, so again I had to pass. The nice directors gave me a deferral, though. But I've learned my lesson about early registration. Never again!

As it turns out, this was a good race to miss. It was an unseasonably hot morning, and no one had a PR besides Ian Carr, the crazy kid who wins all the races no matter what the dew point.
My running group even races together!  A pack of seven of them under the oaks on St.Charles Ave

Carr winning in 1:13 in hot weather

I camped out on St. Charles Avenue and got pictures of the leaders, David, people in my running group, and some cute costumes. I saw Meggan Franks, whose blog you might read, with a strong second-place finish!

Thanks to the warm morning, the race was a little slow. David was dragging, and got beaten by his new boss by one second! Better than beating your boss by one second, right?!
This is not David's boss. This is some dude who's looking at David like, "I can't believe this guy in a shirt is beating me!"

I "knew" the first three women in this race, and wanted to introduce myself to Meggan, but we didn't really get to socialize because David was too busy trying not to puke in the bushes. Once we got his over-heated, under-trained nausea under control, we were ready to go home.

Cheers to the directors of this half for kindly deferring a "no deferrals" entry, so next year IF I ever heal and IF I ever run distances again, I have an entry with no money lost!


  1. Yep, I have been a spectating pro recently as I spectate both the Twin Cities and Chicago marathon. The Chicago one was tougher for me to spectate as i was registered for it and I could not defer my registration. not that it matters as it looks like my marathon days are a thing of the past... Despite that, I did have fun cheering at both races. I just have to accept that I will be participating in a different way going forward. I plan to also spectate the Charlotte marathon next month as a friend's husband is running it.

  2. As much as it stinks that you can't race with David right now, it's great that you can be there to cheer and support him like he did/does for you...and with a much deeper aporeciation for what he's doing than if you were a non-runner.

  3. I love Meggan! I am sorry you weren't able to run, but that is really nice they gave you the deferment and congrats to David!!

  4. Ugh!! Fellow injured runner right here- out of MCM tomorrow :( You can say I am less than thrilled.

  5. First off, I truly hope you heal so that next year you are running strong. How nice of the race director! And fun to have been there to watch. Meggan sounds like a bad A!

  6. "Over-heated, under-trained nausea" is a hilarious phrase that has applied to me so many times, ha. Good job to David though for getting through it and making the wise decision to let his boss cross before him. And really cool that you got your race deferred ... so that WHEN ... I said WHEN you start running again, this race will be right there for the taking!

  7. That is the best race picture caption ever!