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Thursday, October 10, 2013

I ran a little tiny bit

While we were in Louisville visiting the best infant on the planet, David and I headed to a park near our hotel so he could go running. The park had a 1.5-mile loop, and it was perfect running weather. I'd planned to do my physical therapy and some core work and squats, but it was too cold to be lying on the ground crunching. I needed to get my blood flowing! So I took a short, slow jog around the park.
David in the park

How did it go? No more pain than usual, during or after, but I am not at all pain-free yet. I'm still in pain most nights, and some days (the two days of driving really bothered it, I guess because the car seats don't extend all the way from hip to knee, so part of my leg is unsupported, putting stress on the bone). I'm not going to be back running until I have NO pain, not just "the same amount of pain"!

I fell off the PT bandwagon a little while traveling because I didn't bring my resistance bands, so I only did the exercises that didn't use the bands (but I doubled them). I'm back at it, now. Hopefully there will be more running in the near future!


  1. Yay - A little run is better than no run! I guess now is the time to challenge you to a race...

  2. I'm sorry it wasn't pain free. It's definitely annoying when you still feel something that shouldn't be there... Hang in there!