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Friday, September 20, 2013

Jeans and jerseys

We're doing a fundraiser at work. It's kind of fun. We pay $2 on Fridays to wear jeans and jerseys to work! I don't own a jersey so I'm wearing my sparkly Walgreens shirt.
Pretty sure this is not an NFL endorsed Saints's just a glittery fleur de lis. 

This fundraiser is district-wide, so hopefully we can pull in a few hundred dollars. Most pharmacy employees tend to jump at the chance to wear something a little less restrictive than the ties and button-downs normally required.
What are your casual Fridays like?


  1. Goodness, Grace! How old are you?? Because you look about 18 in that picture!
    I'm a SAHM, so I'm wearing my casual Friday outfit right now. A towel. (cause I just got out of the shower after my morning run and I'm too exhausted to blow dry my hair!)

    1. Ha, T-shirt and hair down makes me look younger, but really it's the crappy camera. It's like photographing through gauze because the focus is so poor.

  2. I won't be wearing my Chiefs Red today because they DOMINATED the Eagles on Thursday Night Football to go to 3-0. (Hash-tag Superbowl champs) I hope you raise a lot of money with your fundraiser, and I agree with the pharm employees ... NO TIES EVER ... NO TIES EVER ... NO TIES EVER ... c'mon everyone, we can make it happen!!! And I also agree with June, you look very young for a 53 y/o woman. Have a great weekend!

  3. Technically, we're not really supposed to wear jeans on Friday, but I do because I'm a rebel. ;) Mainly it's just my way to say "it's friday and I want to wear jeans for once gosh dang it!" I try to dress them up a bit with cardigans or a blazer and cute shoes.

  4. 49ers and Saints are playing again this year, this time in NOLA! 49ers have some issues right now - our best defensive player (Aldon Smith) just got another DUI, so a suspension from Goddell might be coming down. And we got our heads smashed in by the Seahawks last week lol. And the Niners are playing the Colts this week - who are no joke, lol. I do think they'll win this week, but the team is in flux.

  5. You have good idea for fund raising...

  6. Friday is normally my work at home day, so it's usually comfy shorts and a t-shirt.

  7. VERY cute! We are allowed to wear jeans on Friday, but only if we wear the school spirit shirt. Yeah, this year, it has a HUGE "L" on the back. Hahaha, and it's yellow. Not the cutest...

    How are you feeling about your run/not to run decision?

  8. We have "jeans days" as well, but for $5. They're less common (maybe once every other month) and always a fundraiser for something - United Way, Backpack Basic something or other (school supplies for the poor), etc. Nerdy, but I always get excited to not have to "dress up" (even though most would not consider my clothing very dressy haha)

  9. We are allowed jeans on Friday but we can't wear t-shirts or sneakers, which would be nice.

  10. The awesomeness of working at home is that....every day is casual day.

    The double-awesomeness of being employed in the fitness field is that...even when I have a meeting, athletic apparel - or at least, dresses made of spandex and wicking material - are still totally appropriate!!