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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting Graston

Since I last left you I've been off running, off reading about running, off thinking about running, and basically not even interested in running.
But I've also been to the chiropractor, who has been robbing me blind while creating a symphony with my joints.
My first visit was mostly diagnostic. On my second visit I had all my joints cracked and my back hurt all week. On the bright side, my left SI joint actually moved for the first time in forever. I didn't even realize it was supposed to move.
On my third visit, I had Graston done on the offending hamstring and tendon. The rest of the day I couldn't tell if anything was different, but I woke up the next morning considerably improved. I was able to do stairs normally for the first time since the injury!

More at the Graston website

Graston is a technique in which the chiropractor uses steel tools to warm the muscle and break up scar tissue. I didn't have a terribly large amount of scar tissue, but the difference was enormous! I went from limping to just nagging pain by the next day.
I've heard that Graston should hurt, but it really didn't. There is some minor discomfort, but I wouldn't really call it pain (but then, I ignore pain like an idiot, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me). I did bruise, though - quite a lot, actually. I'm glad the weather cooled down and ruled out shorts for this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I did something bad.
I ran.
Ten miles.

Oops. What happened was that my darling husband and I were out late partying like 20-somethings on Friday, when actually we are both in our thirties (and David's practically 40). After happy hour at The American Sector at the WWII museum, I washed my sazarac down with an Amstel light and a Christmas shot (which tasted like cinnamon Coke, barf) courtesy of our neighbors who own a bar.
Sometimes we decide to irresponsibly enjoy the childlessness of our life and do things like get home at midnight - and for us that's like 5 am. We don't do that stuff much.

This morning David was feeling less than chipper. He was tired (and we both slept in) and a little dehydrated. He didn't want to run. He needed more than encouragement: he needed company. Right? I mean, what was I supposed to do? I dragged him out, planning to get him started with 3, then let him finish his 16 on his own. But I felt fine, so I did ten, which is when I began to be aware of my hamstring. I went home and iced.

The hamstring still feels pretty good, but my osteitis pubis pain is terrible! That is one complaint I have about the chiro: He will NOT leave that joint alone (Shut up in the peanut gallery, all those jokes have already been made). Everything he's done has made that pain much worse, when before I finally had it under control. So I will have to figure out how to deal with that.

So am I back to running? Oh, no. This morning was a mistake. I will ease back and I'm still scratching all upcoming races! But a little cardio sure did feel great!


  1. I graston myself. Our butterknives have the perfect handles for it. Gotta be careful, though. I, too, have a 'sticky' SI joint :( What does your chiro do to the osteitis pubis pain? I'm wondering if it's a "worse before it gets better" kind of thing. Thinking of you and hoping things get great soon :)

  2. ah, Gracie , I hate to hear that you're still feeling pain. Uggh. Graston...yes, have had tons of this stuff! Painful, ugly bruises left over, etc. But seems effective. I know what it is like to sneak in a run or two when you know you shouldn't. Feels so good at the time but then we pay for it. Just as we do when we drink like we are in our 20's again. :) I always pay for that!

  3. I'm a Graston fan too. I didn't find it terribly painful, except when my chiro worked up my arch toward the ball of my foot. There's not much fat there, so ouch. It did help quite a bit, but now my chiro mostly uses Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, which hones in on the spots that need the most healing. I'm able to run a few miles at a time now, two or three times a week, where two months ago I thought I wouldn't even be able to walk pain-free again. I hope you get all your lingering problems sorted out!