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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank you for your advice!

Everyone had something helpful to say on my last post (everyone except the anonymous porn ad - I don't know why this is, but I have been getting a huge amount of spam lately, and Google didn't catch that one).

So many strong runners commented here and gave smart advice. My running future is still pretty uncertain to me (and a return seems far off right now unless I undergo a miraculous healing, which would be fine with me) but I do know that I will be scratching the half marathon I was registered for next week. I'm 99% sure I'm also scratching the Louisiana Marathon in January, unless I'm able to return to jogging by then and run the race with my husband.

Yep, David's still running, and on track for his first marathon in January! I made him a training schedule and he has been killing it, In fact, he's off running 20 miles this morning while I sit here drinking coffee. When he agreed to run a marathon, he set a goal for himself of breaking 4 hours, and I made him a training plan. He has three races as part of his training: a ten-miler a few weeks ago in which he beat his Mcmillan projected pace by several minutes, a five-miler on Thanksgiving in which he nailed his finishing time even though I made it a little harder based on his last race, and the upcoming half marathon. So far he's been getting faster and stronger every day. For illustration, he ran a 10k in April in over an hour, but his five mile race was completed in 38:33. I'm so proud of his improvement!

As for me, I do still have a marathon in late February (RnR New Orleans), and this is the one that I originally thought could be under 3 hours way  back last year. No chance of that now; now the question is only will I be back to running at all, and will I be back to that distance? I'm leaving that up in the air for now, because I still don't know if I even want to continue running! I even cancelled an order for a second pair of running leggings I was buying to stock up!

As I make these decisions I will be thinking about all the comments you guys left. Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to leave a thoughtful, caring comment to someone you only know over a computer! The kindness and camaraderie of the running community is one reason why I'd hate to leave it.

And now I'm off to do a Bob Harper workout. Because these calories aren't going to burn themselves.


  1. Wow, David's times HAVE really improved - that is awesome! I think this is one of those situations where you just have to wait and see, which totally sucks!

    I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately, too! So annoying!

  2. You are doing a SUPER time coaching your hubby! I hope you both run a fantastic marathon this winter/spring.

    Hope you had a good workout and that your mystery pains get figured out,

  3. I agree with Raina- great job on the coaching end of things and congrats to your hubby for his speedy times. Way to show McMillan!

  4. Oh Grace...I am catching up..I am sorry to read the previous post and this one and that you are no in a good "running" place...
    I hope you find your way back...dont give up on the road and your running shoes....