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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have started a new sport. It's called kipping, and it's a sport in which you run races Kip Litton has run. For each race, you get a point; for each race Kip registered for but didn't run you get half a point.

My total is 1.5: Kip and I both ran the Thunder Road Marathon, and Kip registered for Boston 2012 (audacity!) and didn't start.

Don't know who Kip Litton is? Read this article. But get a cup of coffee first: it's long and interesting and you'll want to curl up and enjoy it.
Snapshot of questionable races from this blog

What's your Kipping score?


  1. The article completely sucked me in, very interesting! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Really interesting article...thank you for sharing!

  3. I read the article a few weeks ago. The only race I'd have a chance of scoring in is a 5k he listed, that's held in the Orlando area. Too bad it's a make-believe race...

  4. Darn! I thought I was walking into a pull-ups contest.

    1. Still reading the article, but had heard about this guy. Thanks for sharing the full read here :). He must have gotten a serious charge out of seeing if he could get away with all this.

    2. LOL! that kind of kipping is the only way i can get in my 2 pullups. (flexes muscles). i thought this was about pullups too.

  5. Woah, super interesting article. Thanks for linking. Enjoyed with a cup of coffee, fascinating - kind of gave me the creeps though!


  6. well this is just interesting. awful lot of trouble he appears to have gone through - i feel like it'd be a lot easier to just train and actually race!