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Friday, October 12, 2012

Church change

I mentioned before that David and I were in the process of switching churches. Sometimes you just have to make a change.
We've attended the same church since before we got engaged, but that was right after Hurricane Katrina hit our area, closing dozens of churches and scattering congregations. It was slim pickings, but we found a church we liked on the West Bank. It was a half hour drive, but it was worth it then.

As the years passed, the church changed. The pastor resigned and moved away; during a year-long hunt for a new pastor the congregation shrunk. Military families were transferred and young people found jobs and moved. By this summer, the congregation was half the size it used to be, and the average age was about fifty! Besides that, the city had been changing, too. Churches reopened or sprung up closer to us, and we started looking around.

We found a church we're happy with, and get this - it's less than a mile away on St Charles avenue. When the weather was (briefly) cool and nice a few weeks ago, we walked to church. Going to church in our neighborhood has had a huge impact on our quality of life - but it has also fostered a sense of community our last church lacked. We were too spread out. This group is a bunch of neighbors, and I like that.

I must say I love having my Sunday mornings back thanks to a closer church and later start to the service. This Sunday I was doing hill sprints on the levee at 9:00 am. By 10:00 am I was in a pew! Now that's something to say hallelujah to!


  1. So glad you found a church you can call home. This is important. We finally switched and now drive further but found a church that feels right for us and for our kids....and where I don't feel suffocated (as you know it is tricky for me). So funny...hill sprints at 9 and in a pew by it! :)

  2. It's so wonderful when you can find a church that feels right.

  3. Awesome! I am so glad you found a church close to home that you can feel a part of. A church family is so important to growing in faith. Funny how things were right under your nose too :)
    I hope I can find another one soon..I've been missing that connection since our pastor left a few months ago.

  4. Hello! I got recommended here by an anon reader of mine as we're both pharmacists! haha :)
    Looking forward to reading your journey!

  5. Found your blog today after seeing your comment on SR's post. I checked your blog out since we are relatively close (I live on the northshore.), and it's also refreshing to know you're a Christian as well! :) Looking forward to reading your posts.

  6. I am glad you found a church close by. It does really make a difference! I loved the church I went to before moving downtown, but changed churches after the move so I could walk or bike there. It is a smaller parish, which I really like and I am starting to get more involved, which feels good!

  7. What a great thing to find a church that fits! I grew up going to a church that we could walk to, it was so great. Now we go almost 25 min to ours, so it completely lacks that sense of community that is so important, but we LOVE the pastor, and I love going to church on Sundays. There is a church one mile from us, but we don't love the pastor:-/ such a catch 22!!
    I once did a 20 miler before church, got showered dressed, hair done, makeup done and all the kids ready, fed and in the car by 9:30! Don't know how it worked, but it was great!