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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How often does this happen?

I've been going through race photos that I selfishly keep on Facebook (I've basically turned Facebook into my personal diary, sorry "friends"). As I thought back through the races, I recalled some recent similarities. No, not the part where I start too fast and hit the wall at the end, the part where the results rae wrong.
Am I jinxed?
At RnR NOLA 2012, race results were initially reported incorrectly so that I was reported as 12th female rather than 9th. How could this be? The mystery has not yet been solved, although the results were corrected.
At RnR NOLA 2011, race results were initially reported incorrectly and Abe's finish time was not listed. (Abe is my little brother, the one who ran a 2:49 marathon for his first marathon when he was 19. He's taking a blog hiatus because he is doing a semester in Denmark.) Eventually I discovered that someone with his number PLUS a zero in the middle had been given Abe's time (the guy was a 5:15 marathoner from Indiana; I'm sure he was pumped to briefly have a time of 2:47).
At Publix 2012, race results were initially reported incorrectly, and my finish time wasn't listed at all, although my splits were, and it looked like I dropped out. I emailed and had this corrected (either my tag, which was one of those new ones on the back of your number, did not read at the finish - which I doubt, since it picked up miles 6, 13, and 22 - or a data point wasn't entered in the computer). The problem with this is that the link for results took you to a page with the leaderboard, my name missing (I finished fourth; the leaderboard displayed the top five). No big deal? Well, it is if you are the 6th finisher, but you think you're 5th and get all excited. Then later you get bumped. Still no big deal? Well, it is if these are the official results. Yep. The race's Facebook page claimed, "Official results posted" and directed members to click the link.

In other words, I shouldn't actually get the age group award they mailed to me. The official results are the results that count, and they stand. If the lady who finished after me claimed she should win her age group according to official results - well, she'd be right, and I wouldn't blame her a bit!

So, how often does this kind of think happen? Has anyone else has results listed incorrectly? In two back to back chip-timed races my results were wrong!


  1. First of all, wow for Abe! That is an amazing marathon time - especially if it is a first!

    It has never happened to me (although there was an incident where they tried to disqualify me for headphones I never had), but it has happened to my husband a few times. He's usually in the front and placing overall or in his age group so it can be annoying, but they usually figure it out. I think twice his chip didn't register when he crossed the finish line.

  2. my results were lost for the Brooklyn Half. I was surprised when they "found" them with al the 5k splits and all. I'm sure that guy that was reported at having a 2:47 marathon was embarrassed his results were so "good" - I know I would be embarrassed and want the correct number posted.

  3. That is terrible luck! Sheesh. I say that the running-timing-results-God owes you big time now. :)

  4. I have my results listed wrong twice..both times they confirmed the correct time via email but it is still showing wrong on the website where official results are.

  5. Weird, that is bizarre that you have had so many problems with getting your time and place right. To me that only matters if it impacts age group awards (which in your case it does matter). Also, making sure that you have a recorded time in a race that you ran.

    I've never had any time issues in any race I've ever ran, which is a ton of races, lol.

  6. Wow, that is so odd. I have never had my results misstated, but I also have never placed in a race. ;)