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Monday, April 9, 2012

How did you people get in front of me?

Sometimes I finish a race and I have no idea how all these people beat me. I mean, couldn't be that they are faster than I am and that they go run speed intervals while I sit on my tush and eat clearance Easter candy, right?
But once I really had no idea how people got in front of me. No idea.
I saw this on the RnR website after finishing the race a few weeks ago.

I'm onto you, you peeps from corral 31. No way was your gun time faster than mine when you started an hour after me! 
See those "ladies" who beat me? The ones wearing bibs that place them in CORRAL THIRTY-ONE?! What the heck.
I knew exactly how many women were in front of me in this race, so I was stunned to see myself 12th on the leaderboard when I checked results. I was positive I was ninth. I counted at the turnaround.

Now I really do not have any idea how this happened. I at first assumed that these women actually ran the half marathon in that amount of time. But their results showed 20 mile splits, so that couldn't be right. Then I wondered if these were actually sold race bibs. Perhaps men had bought these bibs, which is why I didn't remember seeing that many women ahead of me? To check this out, I searched for some of the names on One of the women listed was in her late 50's. Hmmm.

Luckily, these were preliminary results, and when the official results were posted, the finishers in question were left out. Now that looks better!
Top ten, WHAT?! Oh and check out my friend Celeste's amazing 3 hour finish! 
So what actually did happen? I'll never know! The race numbers in question now show NO finishing time. Were they disqualified? Was it all an error (I don't even think there WERE bibs starting with 31)?
'Tis a mystery. But I just thought I'd put it out there that if you do buy a race number, don't wear your tag. Just in case you freak people like me out.
I've never bought a race bib and I probably never would, but I don't think it's the worst sin in the world. I'd rather you buy a bib than bandit entirely! At least someone paid! What are your thoughts?


  1. that is really strange...
    I agree with you buying a bib is better than running as a bandit for sure. I never bought a bib either or sold one but I do know people who have done it and they did not use the tag.

    you are featured on my annual Boston post!

  2. I know there are so many arguments against banditting, but it doesn't phase me. Perhaps if it affected me in a tangible way I would see it differently. I guess ignorance is bliss...or something like that :P

    O, boy... clearance Easter candy! I better get my butt over to Target before all the good stuff is gone! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I've never bought a bib, and I don't think I ever would. Nor would I bandit a race because I'd be paranoid that someone would throw me off the course!

    Top 10 - way to go!

  4. Top 10, 3:06 .... awesome! Those are some seriously strong finish times. Hopefully just the finish times disappeared, and not the finishers. That would seem like a slightly harsh punishment, generally speaking.

  5. If I were fast and stood any chance in hell of messing up the results like this, I wouldn't so it. But I'm so slow it wouldn't matter. I really don't see someone getting too upset about me knocking them out of 4,000th place.

  6. Meggan Franks has a running blog too... I agree - buy a bib, dont bandit. Bandits are my worst running-peeve. Ok, bandits and idiots who think its hilarious to yell/honk at you when running. I wish races would facilitate runners selling bibs - then they could have a $5-10 fee for you to update the info attached to the bib/tag at the expo. No more freaking Grace out!

    1. I totally agree about bib transfers - unless it's some huge race in which this would be a logistical nightmare, I think you should be able to transfer for a fee. People get injured, change plans, etc. It's a great idea. Oh and I follow Meggan's blog! I cheered for her during the race, too!

  7. I think I have the answer to your question.
    RnR uses something called a "sag wagon".
    This is from the RnR website for Portland:
    "If a participant’s pace falls below the course time limit, they have a few options:

    Increase their pace to stay within the event minimum pace;
    Board a “sag wagon” shuttle to move forward on the course, where they may continue to participate in the event, maintaining the minimum pace required; or
    If the participant cannot continue, they may board a sag wagon to be dropped off at the next shuttle location, at a nearby medical station. The participant will be seen by a Medical Team captain to be cleared for the medical shuttle to transport the participant to the finish line."

    Nice perk about RnR , eh?

    1. I think you might have solved this one!

    2. Not totally sure, but it just seems possible..? Can't figure out how they would get let out BEFORE the finish line to run in, but i have heard of it happening for a Biggest Loser TV show once.

  8. BTW...that makes your finish placement even more spectacular!! :)

  9. First of all...didn't realize you just crushed it at the Rock n' Roll Marathon like a month ago...shame on me for not keeping up on my blogs...second of are going to kill it in Boston. I am sure of it!!!