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Friday, June 22, 2012

Rules from my PT

Yesterday I ran 5 miles per PT permission. The weather got hot while I was at the gym on the bike all those days. Boo. Also I got quite out of shape.
I spent the rest of the day with the mild pain I've grown so accustomed to, but it wasn't anything I can't deal with. I've had this same pain for months, and ran 4 marathons with it feeling just the same!

So, until I see another doctor who will try some space-age technique on me, here's the rules:
- Keep stretching and strengthening
- Wear new shoes!
- Slow down or stop if pain grows worse

One of the reasons I can run is that nearly any movement aggravates the muscle insertions - biking, walking, standing, core work, swimming. Impact doesn't affect it at all: I tried a few miles on the AlterG and it didn't lessen the pain even a little!

I was told, however, to consider skipping the midnight Hotter than Hell marathon that will be held in Audubon park July first. But I'm so tempted!
Last year I was just coming off injury for the Hotter than Hell marathon. This year, same story (I do tend to break myself down over the course of the winter race season...). Should I risk it or am I setting myself up for pain and failure?


  1. Oh my gosh, definitely skip that marathon! You have the rest of your life to run that marathon! And while all activity seems to aggravate your injury, I imagine 26.2 miles will REALLY aggravate it! Give yourself time to heal!

  2. Well - I will play the Devil's advocate. ;) IF running is not making the injury any worse or doing any damage, and IF the other marathons you have run haven't made it any worse and IF you could run it "easy" and enjoy it, I would say go for it.

    But if running it could make the injury worse or make you miserable or cause the pain to get worse, then I wouldn't.

  3. I would totally push through and race if it were a 5K or 10K (have been doing this for the past few months with my tendonitis)-- maybe even a HM but I would never "push though" a Full. 26.2 miles takes so much out of you, even when you're at your healthiest. You know your body best but if it were me I would pass for sure. You don't want to be out any longer than necessary or aggravate what is already going on. Maybe next summer.... Although I think I am the same as you- I go crazy racing in the winter and spring and my body just needs a rest by summer if I want to get ready for the fall.