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Friday, May 4, 2012

A new shoe

For some reason lately I've been hankering to try a new shoe. It's not that I don't love my Saucony Kinvaras. I do. I adore them. My husband is jealous of them.
It's just that I decided to add a different shoe to the mix. I tried on 86 shoes (43 pairs) and decided on the Asics SpeedStar.
These are the least offensively bright shoes I own.

It's a lot like the Kinvara: it's neutral, it has minimal structure, it has a one-piece mesh upper, and it's one of the more flexible and lightweight shoes out there.
However, it's not as flexible as the Kinvara, there is less cushion, and each shoe weighs 1.2 ounces more. So it won't be my fastest shoe, and it won't be one I choose for races or long runs - it's just to try something different. I've never worn Asics before, so I'm curious to see how they perform.
I ran in them today - 10 miles - and didn't have any problems; they didn't knock my socks off but it was a good solid run.

Do you rotate your running shoes, or do you stick to one tried and true model?


  1. I rotate. A few years ago, I wore the same shoe for every run. Then I bought two pairs of the same shoe and rotated them. About 18 months ago I made the transition to a lower drop shoe and have been rotating different brands. Right now I have two pairs of kinvaras and a pair of go runs. I have another pair of kinvaras in the box but am contemplating adding a pair of dash gloves for short runs. Decisions!

  2. I like the old school look of those! I tend to get stuck on one shoe at a time, although I'm rotating in some zero drops right now to make that final transition. Steady as she goes!

  3. That shoe does look cool! I agree with MsZippy, looks like an old school shoe from the 60s or 70s! I bet you will get a lot of compliments when you wear them on runs, lol

  4. I usually wear Asics and love them! I tried Brooks and wasn't a fan...and I have the Kinvaras but haven't tried them yet, so am looking forward to seeing how a lower drop shoe works for me!

  5. I wear my Brooks PureFlows for everything. When i first got them I thought they would just be for speedwork and tempo runs, but I loved them so much I started using them for everything (long runs and marathons included). I have 3-4 pairs at any given time. :)

  6. Those are sporty :)
    I do have a favorite brand...but I think it's good to have a little variety in the shoe line-up. It's healthier for the feet and legs.
    My problem with Asics is that in the size I take- almost Amazon- they are cut too high and rub under my ankles. Maybe you are blessed with smaller feet or higher ankles. heh.

  7. I rotate between Ravenna 2 and 3 until I run out of 2...then I will just get another pair of 3 and rotate those. I have found THE one. For now!!

  8. That is cool that Skylar is a friends cousin! I wasn't a huge fan of her until the past 3 weeks when it seems like she did better every week...Fortunate Son was a great job.

  9. I stick with my mizuno wave riders. I've tried other shoes, and none work as well as they do. I figure it's not broke, don't fix it! Plus my shoes are relatively inexpensive. With the discount I get at my running store,they are around $70, which isn't bad for running shoes!