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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What just happened here?!

I went out for a run. Then I didn't feel like it and turned around and came home. Uh, what?! I've never done that! I LIKE to run!
That's actually why I came home instead of sticking it out. I don't want running to just be a routine or something I do so I don't get as big as a house (I'm about at "condo" right now).I want to keep it enjoyable. So I came home.
I don't know why I felt like this today. Maybe I'm just tired - I have been opening the store AND closing it during training (going home for the middle of the day) so I get the hang of procedures, and it's cutting into my sleep. I'm also stressed about my new store opening. We don't have a mailbox yet so our permits are floating off in space apparently; the supply order arrived without any of the items I really needed; the DEA is dragging their feet on our 222 forms so I can't order any narcotics.
Plus honestly running has been weird. I don't have a goal or any upcoming races and the humidity is slowing me down, and my shoes are all wearing out at once. I dabbled in barefoot running and I liked it, but I'm slower. So I'm conflicted. I guess I just need to pick some kind of plan and stick with it.
Ideas? Do you ever get, well, sick of running? How did you pull out of the slump?


  1. When I don't feel like running...I basically don't run! If I'm not training for anything in particular my enthusiasm can wane, and I just take a little break. I end up missing it and wanting to come back for me, plus my body is a bit fresher from the break. Win win!

  2. Yes, I go through slumps... I am going through one right now. I'm not really training for anything, so I don't feel like I have a 'purpose'. And I have so much stress in other areas of my life, running just feels like another obligation in my life... I think i will snap out of it when the weather is consistently nice here because then running outdoors will be enjoyable.

  3. Yes, I have days like that. Unless I am in serious training, I just cut my self some slap and trust those loving running feelings will return.

  4. I am feeling the same way, also being a Louisiana resident. I'm not doing the CCC and don't have any races planned for several months, so I don't have something in mind to train for and this heat/humidity makes it really hard to stay motivated! I always feel wonderful after a quality run, so that's what's keeping my consistent right now.

  5. You're at about a CONDO right now... HAHAHAHA! Girl that was hilarious!!

    Faithful reader.... hardly ever commenter...
    But I had to come out of the wood-work in appreciation for that one.

    Nice one. *high five*

  6. I run into these type of days on occasion, and I usually just flash back to the various times I've been sidelined with an injury and would have given my left (insert-body-part-here) to run and it usually gets me going again.

  7. I know what you mean about not wanting to burn out! Register for a race or just do a fun run with some friends. Also, switch up your route/terrain and see if that gives you some running mojo!

  8. Peaks and valleys in life and in running. I think the new job has a huge impact for you right now and combine that with the added heat and humidity = yuck.

    I would recommend giving yourself a little break. If not a total break from running, at least cut way back on the mileage. 2-3 times per year, I take 2 wks off of running. I walk or bike, but NO running at all. It refreshes me physically, but mostly mentally.

    April and May are my worst months for running. Each year it's REALLY tough to adjust to the heat. By June, I have adjusted to it and actually begin enjoying the summer running. I'm still slow all summer, but by June, it's more enjoyable.

    try a little break, then pick a new goal. I personally like to work on short races in the summer, and then work on the long races in the fall/ winter. The change in training helps to give me variety and keep me entertained throughout the year.

  9. get sick of running? hell ya but then I just run through it until eventually it goes away.

  10. every runner goes threw this. i just don't run and usually walk instead.

    works for me. :)


  11. Being tired totally burns me out and takes away my desire to do just about everything. Have you thought of signing up for another race, just to give yourself something to train for?

  12. It's probably important for you to do exactly what you did. You are not in a training cycle. I can't say that I've done what you did, but can certainly see it happening. You are a stud, you will get the eye of the tiger when you are ready.

  13. Finding the right music usually got my out of a slump. I use an iPod classic with ALL of my music so I can find something to go with my right mood. That usually helps me anyway.