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Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up....

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for us as we grieve for Alfred. We drove to Atlanta for his memorial last weekend and, although that was such a sad time, it was also good to see friends and remember so many happy times. We are helping Alfred's widow in any way we can, which right now mostly means paperwork. Having something to do is, I think, important in the healing process.
My store opened Wednesday. It was a soft-opening to work out all the kinks, but we actually broke even yesterday (day two)! Our goal is to hit break-even point in a year.*
David brought me flowers on his lunch break on opening  day, which was sweet. We'll be meeting with hospital officials, doctors, and clinics soon to determine how best we can serve them - and get that in place before our "grand opening" in four weeks.
The store is a new, hospital-specific design. I have etched glass signage and I realized yesterday that my name is on the door.That's job security, eh?
It has been SO SWEET how many medical students, residents, doctors, and pharmacists I know have stopped by to say hi at my new store! Those who couldn't visit called to congratulate.
That's my waiting room!

 Last night after work I met David at City Park for the Louisiana Philharmonic's free outdoor concert. Sorry I failed you - in the rush of the funeral last week I forgot to post a "Cheap Date" post about that.  The weather was amazing last night and we listened the orchestra while eating a dinner of french bread, cheese, wine, and cantaloupe. It was just the relaxing night I needed. 
Today I'm off to try a new route to work. There is construction on the most direct route, so I've been experimenting with alternate ways to get there.
Do you always go to work the same way? Or do you change it up? Some doctors think that's a good way to keep the brain fresh!
* Break even point is when you fill enough scripts in a day to cover your rent, salary, dispensed drug cost, and expenses. However, obviously we didn't truly break even because I have a couple million dollars in inventory sitting on my shelves. And my third party payers - your insurance - probably won't reimburse me for three months. I won't really break even for a while!