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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm thankful...

That yesterday and today were inexplicably quiet at work, allowing me a few moments to catch my breath. I prayed for that one!

That it's a rest day. It's 98 outside and the poor hubby is slogging away in it, getting his four miles in. I'm so proud of him for getting his runs in every day!

For magenta nail polish, which is cleverly camouflaging my bruised toenail. You can't even tell!

That tomorrow is Banquets and Books, my food book club, for which I read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, and for which I am making vanilla ice cream with flaming cherry brandy sauce. The sauce is made with fresh cherries, meaning I have really ugly purple nails right now.

For a hurricane-free season. August brings memories, nostalgia, and unrest; the air smells like Katrina; the silent, hot days are all too similar to the afternoons following the hurricane. I find I spend moments of August in reflection and sorrow. So many lost so much!

That my tech brought me an apple today. I forgot to bring a piece of fruit. She rocks.

For the reasonable doctor who allowed me to substitute a low-cost generic in the same class as a pricey name brand for one of my patients. Her copay went from $70.00 to $5.00 and she thinks I'm a magician.

For Abita's seasonal beer. I can't wait to try Satsuma this evening. Will it hold a candle to their amazing strawberry?

That my landlords are replacing our kitchen A/C. This has been the summer of dead kitchen appliances: I broke the food processor, microwave, stove, and A/C in short order! We were checking the serial number for the unit we currently have so the electrician could order a unit of the same size and learned that the unit we have was installed in 1981...before I was born!

For FOOTBALL SEASON! I believe that February through August is at least a year...or it feels like it when there's no football on. At least this year the winter Olympics cushioned the blow; I almost expire when there's nothing to watch but baseball.

For the post office on Loyola's campus. Finally, finally, finally, a PO with no line! At our local post office the wait is often over half an hour. Lately I've been going to the student post office and it's so much more convenient.

For Pine-sol. It takes the stinky out of technical T's and ipod straps after an overnight soak.

That Audubon park is so close to us. I literally spend hours a week there. What a fabulous and beautiful resource for runners and walkers!

Doesn't my mood sound improved from yesterday? It's like I popped a fistful o' Xanax! But all I really did was do a fun "alpine run" program on the treadmill and felt a billion times better.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. I probably needed to be reminded to be thankful because I have honestly been in a horrific, no good mood all day long!

    I am thankful that my body has stayed healthy during marathon training - especially my knees (although I feel like I am going to jinx it by writing that...)

    I am thankful that my parents own a cabin. I can't wait to head up there this weekend!

  2. The vanilla ice cream with cherry brandy sauce sounds AMAZING!!! I have met so many friends who relocated here after Katrina and when I think of their stories it always brings me to tears. I love beer, and football season and both of these made me smile!!
    I'm thankful for my wonderful run tonight, it was a mood lifter!!

  3. i'm thankful to have gotten a second chance at life. :)

  4. Love that toenail polish! Ah, a book club...i could use one. I can't seem to find time to read these days. Someday.