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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bay St Louis Weekend

Hubby and I spent a much-needed weekend at Bay St Louis. We:
- Biked at the beach

- Swam in the oil-free bay (a stingray swam over my foot!)
- Ate crab legs
- Watched Top Gear (we don't have cable so we tape it at the in-laws and watch it when we have a chance to be in Bay St Louis). Do you watch this show? It is hysterical and fascinating, even if you aren't half-boy like me.
- Ran over the tall Bay Bridge, which gave us some hills training! The bridge is 2.1 miles, so we ran out and back. As we neared the end we passed a runner going the opposite direction. As we made the turn, I challenged hubby to catch and beat the runner on the way back. At this point I abandoned hubby because for some reason running at his slower pace hurts my knees. I waited at the end of the bridge for him to finish and he DID catch up to the other runner, just beating her at the end! This is a big deal for hubby, who is the least competitive person alive.
- Got bizarre tan lines. My thighs were already sharply brown and white thanks to my running shorts tan line; I added a pink stripe of sunburn during our bike ride. Now I have Neopolitan legs!
It's obvious why we ended up a little burned this weekend: the sun was unrelenting. The past few days have been extremely hot, temps over 100 and heat index around 115. However, I think we've gotten off pretty easy this year - even though our kitchen A/C is broken (boo). Last year the heat was much more brutal, and this year it seems that other areas of the country have had more heat waves than we have. We've been doing our steady high 90's thing for a month now, but at least that's normal temps!
How have you been dealing with the heat? Are you in a heat-wave area?
PS - I shamelessly photoshopped my hubby's sweat stain off his T-shirt. I was tempted to skim a couple inches off my thighs, too, but I decided that was cheating.


  1. Sounds like a great get away! I have actuallyl never even heard of the show Top Gear!

    It's oppressively hot & humid here today. I am sure it's probably about the same as what you are experiencing in NO, but it's a bit more intense than we are used to. I ran 6 miles this morning before work. I need a new word for 'hot mess' to describe how I looked when I got back. But I am glad I got the miles over with now v. doing them at the end of the day when it will be in the 90s...

    I am trying not to complain about the heat/humidity, though, because I wait and wait and wait for summer every year and complain about how much I hate the cold. So I just need to suck it up. I am just worried about what my electric bill is going to look like after running my a/c non-stop for the last month....

  2. I LOVE TOP GEAR!! That show is awesome!!!

    Way to go [on the run]!! YAY you!

  3. I want to get photoshop...just don't want to shell out the money for it. :( Biking on the beach sounds fun, but difficult!

  4. Sassy - his Photoshop was free with the purchase of his computer. Oh and there was actually a bike path to bike on which, hilariously, is advertised as "free". I mean, who would pay for a sidewalk?!

  5. Haha I love that you photo shopped that picture!