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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the semester begins....

This year I have three siblings in college, and they're gearing up for a long year. Let's review, movie style.
Johnny: ***
First we have Johnny, who is getting his doctor of divinity degree. Because his bachelors in Bible wasn't enough. Sorry. I don't mean to be sarcastic, but I have psychoanalyzed my older brother and decided that he is pursuing the "lifetime student" moniker because he doesn't want to fail. Johnny is brilliant and multi-talented, but I have no problem with him using those talents for the ministry. I DO worry that he's been a student for a million years and recently transferred schools, which means losing a semester of credits. Plus he and his wife left secure jobs in order to move. I'm under the impression that Johnny would just rather not be out in the real world...perhaps because there are few churches looking for a pastor who loves TV wrestling, Harleys, Latin, watercolors, body building, and Descartes.
Summary: High hopes for new school but may have been better off staying put, staying employed, and graduating sooner.

Nate landed a plum stipend at his university of choice, pursuing his masters, then doctorate, in something obscure (I know he studies Milton). He moved cross-country, leaving behind his position as a university stand-out, and his dear sister (aka babysitter). He taught his first class Monday, loves the area he moved to, and is excited to start his research project. And so far he's only had two emergencies to call me about and only locked himself out of the house once.
Summary: Sure to stand out in this environment as well as the undergrad scene, but might kill himself/others/go broke/etc accidentally.

I give Abe five stars because I already confessed he's kind of my favorite. But he's earned the stars with his combination of athletic and academic scholarships that pay for 80% of his school. He's taking on a lot this semester: track and cross country, 19 credit hours, a new job, writing for the school paper, lots of walking (no car), and a double major pre-law/pre-med. He gets bonus points for buying me a poster of Audrey Hepburn because he thinks I look like her. Aaw.
Summary: He's already the fastest on the cross country team, but meets with other schools could challenge; he's very bright and clever but I'm a tad worried he's biting off more than he can chew for his very first semester.


Joey's not in school but he should be. He didn't plan quite as well as the other siblings financially, and has been having to take semesters off to work. He's also been floundering a little as far as what he wants to do in life. But he seems to have picked up a pretty good plan, applying for the Merchant Marines.
Summary: He's got the grades and the athleticism; he just needs to commit himself mentally. I have high hopes.

So there you have it. My none-of-my-business, meddling, busy-body, over-protective view of the boys. You may consider this venting, because of course to their faces I am always supportive and everyone gets 5 stars (I don't really rate my siblings, either!).
If you're an older sibling (or older mentally, harhar), do you get pushy and protective? Do you still, um, boss around like I am sometimes guilty of? Is anyone else just starting out a semester and have a rating for their OWN school year?


  1. I get such a kick out of it when you talk about your family!! Of course I'm going to totally agree with you and side with you on all of them since I've never actually met them :)
    I'm the older sister by 2 1/2 years, for most of our lives we detested one another (we will both tell you this) and it wasn't til he came to pick me up one summer because I had mono, and drove me home again, that I really started to appreciate my little brother.
    He's super super smart, undergrad and masters in engineering from NC State and then a job that I can only tell you is so far over my head that I can't explain it because I wouldn't give it the right depth it deserves. He just married the most amazing woman ever, who I adore, and they look like Ken and Barbie... Really I can't boss him around because he's got it so much more together than I do, but I have run a 1/2 marathon and the longest race he's done is a 10K but he runs much faster than I do.

  2. Your family has lots of highly educated! Your sense of humor is great.

  3. Too funny... And yah, Abe must be a glutton for punishment... 19 credits? And track/cross country? And a job? And writing for the paper? Sheesh... That's a tall order!!

    I am #4 out of 5 so I only have 1 siblings to 'boss' around. I am sure if you asked Abby, she'd give you a mouthfull. I was definitely a bossy, bossy sister that tried to play mother hen a bit too much, which nearly derailed any chance of us having a friendship... But I kind of realized I was over stepping my bounds around the time she started planning her wedding. I figured between her and her very logical, down-to-earth husband, they had things under control... So she likes me a lot bette these days. ;) I was her maid of honor at her wedding and my speech was about how I was totally a 'helicopter sibling'. So I got a chance to say - see, I know I was meddling, but I did because I loved you, but now I am backing off...