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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My birthday perfume substitute

I replaced the perfume my husband got me for my birthday that I didn't like (I can't tell you what it was because I find it disgusting, but it is a kind of popular scent so I don't want to offend. Bet you're dying to know now, too!). I ended up buying Burberry Weekend, which has a surprisingly rich scent (you'd think "Weekend" would smell country, or sporty, or relaxed...). I like it, but I have one complaint. The scent vanished in about an hour! As in, no trace! I like to be able to catch a hint of scent even towards the end of the day - say, when I take my hair down or as I am undressing if I got a little on my shirt collar. That's the idea - a nice smell that stays with you. I feel like I'd have to re-apply this one, and with my spasticity I don't dare bring perfume with me: I'd surely break the bottle in my purse.
But if you have a one-hour date coming up, I'd recommend the scent!

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