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Thursday, October 1, 2009

making a fru-fru bow headband

If hard plastic headbands hurt your tender temples, you're probably all disappointed that you can't wear all the cute headbands for sale now - the ones with big colorful flowers, bows, pearls, whatever. I kind of am. I say "kind of" because part of me thinks the only people who should wear flowers glued on headbands are bald infant girls. However, succumbing to the trend, I made my own version. I used a soft stretchy band since it is gentler on my oddly shaped skull.
You need: an elastic hairband, lace, and a needle and thread. I used lace to add texture and interest; it is also a good choice because you don't need to hem it, making this an easy 2 minute project.
Simply cut a strip of lace twice as long as you want the bow to be, then fold the edges in to the center of the bow. Position the lace on the headband (I put the center of the bow over the metal piece to hide it); stitch in place making sure you sew through all layers of material. If you want to hide your stitches, cut a tiny strip of lace and wrap it around the middle of the bow, sewing in place in the back. You can also see in the picture that I stitched the bow down on the ends, too, going through the back layer only. This makes the bow lie flat against my head instead of sticking out childishly.
I like to pair this with a plain pearl necklace for a look that screams, "I drowned on the Titanic".

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