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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Train luck and other ramblings

I have the worst train luck. I always catch the train...especially when I'm late. Last night I caught the train while I was running. And I caught it twice, on the way there and back! Poor pitiful me.

Now for a quick opinion poll. My first few days of work will involve CD-ROM based training, so rather than standing at a pharmacy counter I will be sitting at a desk. This means I could get away with clothes I couldn't wear to stand up all day in - for example, a nice skirt and high heels (When I'm on my feet for 8-10 hours I'll be in slacks and comfy shoes). My question is - should I take this opportunity to wear the nicer outfits, hoping to impress with a neat and professional appearance, or will I just come across as impractical and vain?
My current point of view is start out with a very practical slacks/shoes combo, see how everyone else is dressed, then maybe branch out. What do you think?
What I'm wearing today: Dark gray slacks with slight check, am orange-red button down cinched at the waist with a narrow gray crocodile belt, and loafers with low heels. Just small diamond studs for jewelry.
Sound ok? The orange is not too bright and it's sort of this year's color; it adds a bit of "pop" to an otherwise all-gray ensemble. If you think I should change try to catch me in the next hour! Haha!

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