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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cheap date Wednesday: White Linen Night!

Well, this is just for you New Orleanians, sorry - obviously my cheap date Wednesday post has to showcase White Linen Night, scheduled for this Saturday here in the Big Easy. If you're not from NOLA, White Linen Night is sort of New Orleans' "farewell to summer". It is a gigantic art opening, when all the downtown art galleries open with new exhibits. Huge crowds of people, all wearing white linen-ish outfits, converge on the streets to look at art, eat and drink, socialize, people watch, and listen to live music. Other than the concessions and the occasional private party, it's free.
The problem with white linen night is that it becomes a huge sweaty crowd really fast and in order to buy anything to eat or drink you must buy concession tickets first, which means you have to stand in line twice (the food is remarkably low priced however).
My tips for a better White Linen Night?
- Have cocktails at the house first: I suggest mint juleps.
- Pack a summery beer like a lime beer or Blue Moon and large plastic cups...hidden in the dorky back pack you are forcing your significant other to wear.
- Take the street car of course but plan on the ride taking a long time and being crowded.
- Arrive half an hour before scheduled start.
- Creep behind an SUV parked on a side street and pour cups of beer. You'll need it, it's hot out there.
- See your favorite galleries, then mingle on the street for a bit. When the crowd gets gross and sticky go stand in line for the street car. Pour the rest of the beer to drink while you're in line. People are very jovial at this point so the ride back should be fun.
- Take the streetcar all the way to the Riverbend, get out at the last St. Charles stop and head to Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for a smoked salmon pizza (To. Die. For.) - agree to meet friends here if you want; don't try to meet them downtown because you'll never find each other.

So there it is, my foolproof plan for a great White Linen Night. Don't forget to wear a smashing outfit that will get you noticed even though you're in the exact same color and fabric as everyone else. I'm re-wearing the dress I wore for my graduation party.

Next week I'll try to post some of my favorite art/artists from the night!

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