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Monday, July 6, 2020

Power Mile training

This was the last week of easy mornings before we go back to daycare. With the nanny coming to the house, I had a little extra time before I had to be out the door; plus, getting ready was easy because the baby was down for a nap around 8am. Whoever took him for a run would come back from the run and put him in his bed for his morning nap; I'd get ready and go to work, and the nanny would arrive at 9:30 for his typical 10am wake up. The new schedule is still up in the air, because my commute is smack-dab in the middle of nap time, but I know it will require a more rigid, tightly-scheduled morning, and an earlier time out the door. I'm hoping it won't impact my running too much, but we may have some shorter runs now! 

This week was a down week for us, and I was quite glad, because work was super busy and stressful. 

Back when mornings were easy. 
Monday: I turned off my alarm, and the baby slept in, too, so I barely fit in an easy run of 6 miles.
Tuesday: Back on the track for the first time since March! An easy six repeats of 300m at mile pace with 2 minute recovery jogs. Times were: 55, 53, 53, 55, 54, 54. With strides, warm up, and cool down, 6.46 miles. 
Wednesday: Recovery stroller miles. 6.65 miles. 
Thursday: Yikes, glad I actually read the workout. We do aerobic runs so much on Thursday that I almost headed out to do nine miles at aerobic, but luckily I read the workout right as I was walking out the door. It was just an hour easy plus hill sprints! 9.21 miles
Friday: Tempo intervals for a change of pace! We've been doing really fast repeats on Friday, but this week we just had 3x3 minutes at tempo with 1 minute aerobic "rest". My paces were: 6:21(7:10 pace for the rest), 6:24 (7:14), and 6:03 (7:04). I could easily have done another 2 or 3 reps. With warm up and cool down, 6.09 miles. 
Saturday: Stroller recovery run. 7.05 miles.
Sunday: I kept the long run easy and short in the spirit of recovery. Pace was 7:55 for 14.29 miles. 

55.7 miles for a nice recovery week.


  1. Good luck with the transition back to daycare! That is tough that you go to work during the middle of a nap. We never had that problem since we dropped Paul off so early (around 7am). But that made for some super hectic morning. now I can see why you get your morning runs in. I was thinking you were fitting them in and leaving for work around like 7-7:30! But it makes sense that y our day starts later since you work in a pharmacy. Phil and I both need to be at work by 7:30 so our days start very early...

  2. OMG, I couldn't do that with the faster recoveries! You are on fire lately. It's always good to end on a high note, knowing you could have done 1 or 2 more.