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Monday, July 20, 2020

Last week's power mile training - no fun!

Last week was NO FUN. I got mastitis and had a few rough days, including one day when I cut my run short. Luckily it was a cut back week anyway. 

St Charles Ave running
Monday: Easy run plus strides. 6.9 miles.
Tuesday: Super short workout, which was nice considering the weather (basically on fire): Just four sets of 300 at mile pace, 200 jog, 200 hard sprint, 500 jog. I was a little cocky with this one - only four sets? Ha, until my legs were completely dead for the last two! My paces were (300/200): (5:21/4:47), (5:04/4:43), (5:11/4:57), (5:05/5:10). Got to love that last "all out spring" was slower than my "one mile pace"! Ha! Dead legs indeed. 6.8 miles total with warm up and cool down.
Wednesday: I headed out the door for this run with some misgivings, since I woke up with a hot, painful, red spot that was probably early mastitis. Sure enough, halfway through the run I suddenly felt terrible - fever, nausea, weakness, pain. I managed to make it home, but cut the run short to 5 miles. I was really scared that my fever would make daycare kick the baby out (our temperatures are checked daily), so I took a tylenol before drop off. I'm not trying to cheat the system, but I knew the source, and it wasn't COVID! I managed to get the infection under control with aggressive hydration, but Wednesday and Thursday were really unpleasant!
Thursday: Glad this was a cutback week, and we had easy miles on the schedule for Thursday. 7 miles.
Friday: No workout, just an aerobic run with strides. 7.5 miles at 7:10 pace and an extra 0.7 for strides. 
Saturday: Lost the baby to sleep early on, so I shrugged and ran long with him rather than wake him up when we got home. He must have really needed his sleep, though, because he went back to bed when we finally made it home and slept for four hours! 8.5 miles.
Sunday: Another hot one. Ran 7:41 pace for 14.27 miles. 

Kind of a boring week! And since we don't have this mile "race" scheduled with so much up in the air, we might be in a holding pattern for a bit longer! 


  1. I am glad your mastitis went away with aggressive hydration! I have several friends who got mastitis and I know it really wiped them out! That is crazy that the baby slept for 4 hours on Saturday morning. He must be going through a leap or a growth spurt!

  2. Ouch! I've had mastitis a few times and it's no fun, but only had to do a course of antibiotics once. Aggressive hydration + massaging out the clog nipped it in the bud most times.

    Props for training through NOLA summer! So muggy.
    And yeah, baby sleep is so weird and changes all the darn time (so I wouldn't worry if your commute is in the middle of naptime right now - it'll probably change soon). 4 hours at a stretch! One week of only 30-minute naps! Three naps or two! Good thing they outgrow all that.

  3. That 300/200 workout sounds tough. And 4 of those is definitely a lot, especially in your hot and humid weather. I love your dedication!