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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Return to track

With group-size restrictions in place through phase one, the Powermilers took a long break from track workouts to allow us to subdivide into smaller groups. These sub-groups met at different locations for road workouts (mostly fartleks, some tempo). Now that we're in phase two...for now, cases are sky-rocketing across the state!...we got back on the track. We're generally spaced out on the track anyway; it was really more about all meeting in the same place that created concern.

Last night was our second track workout. After the first workout I realized:

Track makes me sore. 

Regardless of the work I have consistently put in off the track, running around that little oval does something to make my muscles scream! Our first workout back was a short one: six repeats of 300m with 2 minutes jog rest. Naturally, with such a brief workout, we hammered those 300s, and I woke up the next morning SO stiff. I had to do some light plyometrics just to get out the door. It doesn't help that I run with the stroller on Wednesday mornings, which gives me awkward form. I was thrilled that we have a new girl running with us who just graduated from Tulane. She ran for Tulane, and she and I are close in pace, so it's great to have someone else to run with on the track.

The next workout - last night - was a staple, 12x400 at 2 mile pace with 400m jog. It seemed easy on paper, if you ignored the 100% humidity. But we survived. We actually had a great group on the track: myself, Mary Catherine, Jeff, Ivy, and Sal; Casey, who is much faster than us, paced us for a bit since he's coming off injury. The pack has impact: we all ran well, with my laps 1:27, 22, 24, 23, 23, 25, 23, 23, 23, 24, 25, 23. I didn't feel like a trillion bucks, but I got it done.

And yep, super sore after! Maybe it's the surface, or maybe it's the lighter shoes (I did the 300s in the incredibly uncomfortable Saucony Type A flat, and the 400s in the New Balance 1400). Or maybe it's the squats and lunges I did after (hard days hard!). Whatever it is, I know two things: I'm very happy to be back on the track, and I'm very sore, too!


  1. Track workouts are so hard! We did not do them often when I was in run club but when we did, it wiped me out. I liked them because I saw more people in the club than I normally would during workouts since you are passing by each other on your laps. We tended to do ladder workouts, like 200-400-600-800-600-400-200 or something like that, if I remember correctly.

    The humidity, though. Eeks. It's not as bad here as NOLA but gosh it is thick out there and uncomfortable!

    1. Your weather has been warmer than ours lately!

  2. That's a really solid set of 400s and will set you up nicely to race that mile. I think all that strength training could be what is making you sore!