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Monday, July 24, 2017

So much support

I only own one pair of athletic compression socks. They are CEP socks I won on a blog giveaway, and once in awhile I wear them.
But I actually prefer these:

They are high compression medical socks, and I like that they have open toes. I get some support for my tired feet, but I don't get squished toes. I don't like that cramped toe feeling, especially since I have such a wide ball to my feet. Of course, you will notice that at $30, they are not much cheaper than athletic compression. But you can often find them on sale, buy-one-get-one-free, or coupons. Plus, as a Walgreens employee, I get a discount. For me, they're cheaper PLUS they are much higher quality.

So if I'm wearing compression, it's often these stylish beauties.
Do you wear compression socks, and if so, do you wear them for recovery or running?


  1. I wore compression socks on several hikes out in Yellowstone/Tetons recently (mostly for tick prevention), but had to chuckle when multiple people stopped me mid-hike and asked what they were and if I thought they helped. (It seemed pretty clear they were feeling a little beat up and looking for some relief!) I've worn my CEP more regularly in the past during long or recovery runs and the last few marathons (because I do feel like they give your calves a nice hug when you're feeling a little tapped), but I don't know that I could say they actually did much of anything for me physiologically. That being said, the mental boost in those situations can be just as powerful :)

  2. I am usually good about wearing them a day or two post-marathon and usually on any trans-continental flight, assuming I remember. No idea if they really help or how much, but certainly no harm. Like you, I can't handle cramped toes, I just wear the sleeves.

  3. I have never worn a pair of compression socks! I have friends that swear by them but they are something I have never checked out!