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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New shorts: Nike Crew

Précis: These shorts were on sale, but they're kind of too short and the brief fits weirdly. I do like how cool they are, though.
Full text: I started running low on shorts after all my Nike Tempos died at one time (first the key pocket wore through, then all the seams began to come undone. I don't resew seams on running clothes usually because of chafing concerns). This batch of shorts was six years old, though, so they served me well. 
I began looking for replacement shorts, and eventually found the Nike Crew at The truth is, I would have preferred more Coeur Sports shorts - they're my absolute favorite, no-chafe, comfy waist, two big pockets shorts. But for some reason I decided to wait until I had a coupon code for another pair, and get something less expensive in the meantime (I've kind of been dropping Christmas hints, too). The Nike Crew were just $14 on 6pm, so I got two identical pairs. 

The Crew is a fitted, woven short with a flat elastic waistband. To allow stretch for movement, there are knit stretch panels on the side of the leg. 
  • The 2" length is a tad short (but I knew that going in)
  • The built-in brief is a little loose, while the fitted shorts are kind of tight, so it bunches a little.
  • There is only one pocket
  • To get the fit right, I had to tighten the drawstring - in other words, the stretch waistband isn't elastic enough on its own to stay up. I don't love that, because I'm lazy and don't want to have to retie my drawstring every time I wear these.
  • The material is light and cool for summer
  • The pocket is in the top of the waistband, which I find most secure for keys compared to envelope-style pockets.
  • No chafing...yet. Per ten mile test run.
  • This is kind of lame, but I really like the dark blue color I got. It's less red-based than navy, darker than royal - just a lovely shade.
I'm sure these will serve in the meantime, but my next pair will be the old faithful Coeur shorts! Why mess with what you love!


  1. They look great on you but would be way too short for me as my thighs are not as shapely as yours are. :)

  2. I'm over those Nike Tempo shorts. I'm not sure what is going on but the looseness around my thighs makes me uncomfortable... I am all about snug lycra on the thighs.

    1. I know what you mean. They get sweaty and wet and bunch up! I can't always wear lycra because I have fat thighs, but when I find a pair that fits it is so much better in the humid heat.