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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Oh, this again.

I really wish I could stop falling on my face while I run.
The left knee is more cut up, but the bruising on the's severe. Ouch.
I fell because I was rubbernecking the construction in the park. Our park path is being repaved, so not only was I running along the driveway entrance where I don't usually run as I skirted the construction, I was also not paying attention - and I tripped on a speed bump. Then I bit the dust in front of a dozen construction workers, nearly all of whom gallantly offered their help (accompanied by some leering. Bleah).
I can move fairly well, so hopefully I didn't do any lasting damage. 


  1. Oh, wow, that right knee looks really painful. :(

  2. Ouch! That looks awful! I hope you didn't do any serious damage! I'm a klutz so have fallen plenty of times. It's the worst when you fall in front of people, though!!

  3. Oh no... This looks bad. Heal up quick!!

  4. Ouch looks really sore. You did a way better job at an impressive looking fall than my fall in the Gold Coast Half. You'll be able to get sympathy on that for a good week or so.

  5. Eek! That sucks. Glad they at least helped you up.