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Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Day off" Summer Series 2-miler

Wednesdays are my off days, but how could I say no to the last NOTC summer series 2-miler in City Park? Of course I had to go!
After work, I changed into running clothes grabbed my Garmin - just as it started raining. The NOTC's Facebook page didn't say the event was cancelled, so I grabbed my and David's running ball caps and headed out anyway. It was still sprinkling by the time I registered for the race (it's free for club members, $10 for non-members), but as I warmed up the rain stopped. I was supposed to meet David at the start with his hat per our text conversation, but since it wasn't raining I ran back to my car and dropped them off. I stopped for this quick selfie to show you how much I was sweating with under a mile run at this point!
Dripping sweat after less than a mile. Yay..

Back at the start, I expected to run about 13 minutes for the 2 miler. Yeah, not super fast, but that's about the level of speed and fitness that I am basing my marathon training off of. If I was way off that pace, I'd definitely need to reconsider some of the workouts I'm running. If I was a little over 13 - just a few seconds - I'd blame my tired legs: I did speed work Tuesday morning and a squats workout late Tuesday night and my legs felt tired.

I started out ten to twelve rows back, but luckily the start did not feel very congested. We were moving freely in about a tenth of a mile. It was sketchy at first, though - the path was wet and there were a lot of puddles, so my footing wasn't very secure. I held back to avoid sprinting away with the high school boys.
It was, unfortunately, very muggy. I hoped the rain would cool the temperatures, but instead the sun came back out and steam floated off the grass. It wasn't the worst 2-miler temperatures I've endured, but it was very humid. Mile one hit just as I passed a girl I'd been running behind the whole time, and it was a 6:28. Right on pace!
The second half was pretty uneventful, as I just tried to maintain pace. I was passed by a fast group, which I didn't like, especially since one was a girl being paced by a well-known runner (one of the "local elites", as I call them) and I was dreadfully jealous that she was so fast in the second half. My legs definitely didn't like the pace, but I ignored the soreness and didn't totally fall apart. I managed not to puke and finished in 12:57.

So, I'm just about where I should be right now. Yes, I wish I was faster - I ran my PR 2 miler at one of these events, and I think it was 12:18? Much faster. I want to get back there, but I'm not getting any younger. I'll take a 12:57 for now.


  1. Nice work! Always amusing to see women run after work -- looking fancy with residual lipstick, mascara, whatever.

  2. I know it's all relative, but seems pretty fast to me! Nice job on meeting your goal.

  3. Good feeling to be where you should be!

  4. Nice! I don't think I've run a 2 mile race since high school, and it sounds kind of fun now that you mention it. Maybe next year.......

  5. Dripping sweat or not, you are glowing in that pic! Looking pretty content and I love seeing that.

  6. Nice work on the 2 miler. Even though it's not the pace you'd like ideally, it is still a great pace. Plus running in those kind of conditions is SO tough! It's been really warm and humid here lately and it makes everything more difficult. This weather will clear off and our dew points will go back to a more normal range but it makes me wonder how people in other parts of the country run in these temps for months on end!