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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Let's try this again

Last we left off running, I was feeling pretty strong and ready for a great summer full of New Orleans Track Club summer series 2-milers and free-for-all track meets.
Then I got some weird, debilitating flu-like illness for weeks. I managed to run a little, reduced volume and intensity, for the weeks I was sick, but I definitely felt the strength speedily leaving my muscles. And I soon as I felt well, I was hit with another sickness, this one preventing me from running at all for about two weeks. I had very sharp stomach pains with any kind of rapid or up and down movement, so all I could really do for weeks was light weights (and no core exercises besides planks, so now my waist is rubber).
Anyway, last week I finally turned the corner, and because I am not so bright, I jumped right back into my schedule. So you can expect to see me injured in a few days.
I'm spending more time watching running than actually running.

Wednesday: 6.5 miles easy
Thursday: Planned to do a 6 mile tempo with 2 miles warm up and cool down, but ended up with 10 miles (uh, actually, I got up an hour early and was just fuzzy-brained and didn't realize until I turned around on my straight out-and-back route that I had done a 2 mile warm up, not a one miler I had planned! So ten miles it was, and I really had to rush getting ready to make it to an early meeting where I was presenting. Stressful.). The tempo totally did not work out, either. I was not in shape for that at all. I ended up with two 2-mile repeats and a really sad final mile, all barely at tempo pace, feeling very hot, tired, and sore. Next week I will see if the tempo is doable, and if it is still a struggle, I'll reassess. I might be overreaching with my pace.
And then Friday? Oh, boy. I was sore, and my legs were so heavy. I barely cranked out 6 miles at close to 9 minute pace.
I think my struggles are due to a combination of three factors:
  1. I was sick for over six weeks this spring - that's just tough on the body. I think I'm still weak.
  2. It's hot! By no means is it the worst summer on record, but it's typical July weather with most of my runs being done in the 90's or upper 80's, with our usual high humidity. I didn't acclimate well this year, and I am really feeling the heat.
  3. I dug myself into a fitness hole in the past two months. I only took two weeks off running with my stomach issues, but since I was sick for so long, I had several weeks of running that was necessarily reduced in volume, speed, and intensity.
Next week should give me a better idea of how I am actually doing as far as fitness goes, and then I can solidify training plans and goals. 
Anyone else training for a marathon over the summer? 


  1. I am glad that you are finally feeling better and hope that you stay healthy for the rest of this training cycle! That sucks that you were laid up for so darn long. I am sure you will bounce back in no time, though, but I am sure the first couple of weeks will be frustrating for you!

    I usually would be training for a marathon now as I prefer running fall marathons but that's obviously not happening! So instead I'm trying to focus on being able to do things like bike, swim and go for long walks. Hopefully I will be able to run by late August. Right now it hurts to scurry across an intersection to make a light so I know running is still a ways off (I'm starting my 9th week post op today).

  2. Hey, you didn't dig yourself a hole, you were sick! Not the same as sitting on the couch eating bon bons. I think it's pretty amazing that you managed to keep up any semblance of training while sick for so long.

  3. Oh, wow - I'll have to remember this blog post next time I want to complain. Glad that you are back. Fitness comes back quickly, but it depends how you measure quick. For me, 3 months would be quick since I've been sidelined for so long. But I hope you'll find your groove even faster! The legs remember, and the heart will follow. :-)

  4. Having so many weeks of sickness really sucks. No wonder you're feeling a bit weak and unfit. Just remember though that your weak and unfit is how most of the population feels every day. You'll bounce back - just stay away from sick people. Yeah , I can't believe I said that to a pharmacist either.

  5. Glad you're on the road to recover, bet you'll be feeling good and running strong within another week or two, at least all that can be expected for southern summer running...