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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just a few more days...

...Until we have streets again! I was incredibly excited to return home from a weekend away and discover SIDEWALKS to our house. We haven't had sidewalks in months! And now? Yesterday they sprayed the primer for the asphalt! In two shakes we'll have a real street again!
All primed: and the emptiest I've ever seen my street.
The last block of the street still hasn't been started, but at least my block does, indeed, seem to be meeting the vague "March" deadline for completion.

So, this weekend. I mentioned that we were in Atlanta. I should probably also mention that we flew out on Thursday, not Friday.
Because Friday there was a man with a machete and wasp spray attacking TSA agents in the security line at the New Orleans airport! In case you missed the story, the police officer on duty in the area shot him (one TSA agent was grazed by a bullet, the only other injury). The suspect died the next day at the hospital - I suspect from refusing certain care, as he was a Jehovah's Witness. Police later found bombs and explosives in his luggage and car.

Pretty scary close to home - but I'm glad no one else was injured!
Side note: TSA agent's aren't armed?! Why did I think they were? I guess it makes sense not to arm them, and use police presence instead, but I swear I've seen TSA with a taser or something. Methinks my mind is playing tricks on me. I would make a terrible Sherlock Holmes (except I'm sure I'd look adorable in a deer-stalker. Who doesn't?).

In a few minutes, I am probably going for a short run, but I am making sure I keep a close eye on both hips. After my recent fall, I noticed that the left side of my pelvis seemed to be achey, so even though the right side has the bad bruise, I am sure I absorbed impact to both hips. I also majorly slacked off on my hip strengthening for the three days I was traveling, since there was not a lot of room to do it, and I'm doubling up on that for the rest of the week. You can never have too much hip strengthening!

*Edit* Went for run, both hips are fine, skinned knee is furious with me for sweating on it.


  1. I only knew that about unarmed TSA agents because my husband usually flies armed (though he has to get clearance from his department to do so for each flight), and when he did the training, I was home and listening to it in the background, there was something about how to handle the screening with TSA and I was surprised to learn that. But then I look at them, and I'm not surprised. I wonder if they'd all even be able to pass a background check sometimes...

  2. Yay for a run with no hip pain! And for fixed roads.

    Yeah, I guess I assumed TSA agents were armed, too, but that can open up a whole different can of worms, I suppose. Scary stuff at the airport.

  3. Oh my goodness - I saw that story over here. When I see stuff like that I think it's so far away that it's not likely to have affected anyone that I know but obviously that's not true any more.

  4. Wow, i actually did not hear about the airport issue in New Orleans - that is scary!

    I am glad the run went ok. I hope the abrasion heals fast!!

  5. glad you are okay from the fall!! and, you were about 1.5 miles from me at that starbucks and the park. :) you come to the atl, i head home. and, crazy about the dude in the airport.

    1. Oh, that's cool! I bet we end up in a race together at some point! I would love to get together to talk labrums (yeah, I know, I'm a brilliant conversationalist) sometime - although this wasn't the trip for it - unfortunately we were in ATL for the interment of a deceased friend's ashes. But another time!

  6. Every six years in New York, every building above five (or six?) stories must be checked to make sure they're not falling apart. When I looked at the apartment I moved into at the end of October, the lady showing the apartment said they'd be done two weeks after we moved in. SURPRISE THEY'RE STILL NOT DONE. Granted, they had to take off time for "inclement weather" aka any day that isn't perfect (so all winter). We just got an email saying they would restart tomorrow, with 12 more work days to go. I don't believe any of it!!

    And that's terrifying about TSA - not necessarily that they don't have weapons (they're not always the brightest people, so I'm not sure we should give them weapons...), but because that guy made it as far as he did! I'm always surprised that more issues don't arise before security checkpoints - there's still so many people!