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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good-luck iPod

What a beauty.
Years ago, David and I replaced the screen on his iPod 3rd generation Nano. Since then, I replaced it with an iPod shuffle that I bought on Ebay for $20. I don't use an iPod often - really, only for races and the occasional long run - and I wanted the smaller clip-on shuffle. I decided I should go ahead and sell the Nano on Ebay - although who would want an ancient Nano that has a messy, wavy case held together with hot glue?! So I sold it for parts.

Well, it turns out that superstitious runners are the target market for half-broken, obsolete tech gadgets. In my description on Ebay I mentioned that, although I was selling it for parts, the nano did work - in fact, I'd run PR races with it, so it must be good luck.
I got two messages asking for details of PR races, and the Nano sold after multiple bids.
Runners. Crazy people.


  1. That's really funny, but would you ever buy someone else's good luck piece? Seems strange, but whatever.

  2. Ha, that is funny! I can't believe people bought it because you happened to have a PR when you ran with it. So odd. Runners are weird!!

  3. That's hilarious!! I have a few old ipod nanos between my husband and I. I think we should see if we can try selling them...

  4. I'm still using my Ipod shuffle from 2010. I don't have a desktop computer, and I don't want to get in trouble for downloading music at work... I only use it for half marathon racing, and most (some) of those songs are timeless.

    Another funny story. My friend would go to pawn shops to purchase emergency ipods, in case one would die during the race, funny thing is she wouldn't upload music. She would just listen to whatever was on the ipod. We runners are a strange breed.

  5. I wouldn't even have thought to put it on Ebay. It's amazing what people will buy.

  6. I sold an iPod that wouldn't even turn on (the old Classic) for like $65. I was terrified I was being scammed. That was years ago though so I'm probably safe by now.