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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happenings around town

1. This creep got arrested. One of my friends works at the JW Marriott and has complained that his job is too high-drama; I'd agree.

He got moved out of Orleans Parish Prison for "safety reasons" (read: because it's not secure enough). OPP is known as a dangerous, crime-ridden, violent, corrupt hole of a prison, and although they are working to improve security, the feds won't even keep criminals there anymore! And anyway, Durst will be facing murder charges in CA, he's only here for gun and marijuana charges.

2. I actually got a NICE patient. This guy made the little flower arrangement himself, cleaning up the bottle and wrapping it in twine! How cute!
I know. I am the best. 

3. I held with an insurance company for 45 minutes today. The tape kept telling me, "Your predicted wait time is...30 minutes. Your predicted wait time is...24 minutes" and on and on. At 4:50, the tape said, "Your predicted wait time is...12 minutes" and suddenly another tape cut in telling me, "We are sorry, but we will not be able to take your call when the help desk is closed. The help desk closes at 5 pm. Please call back between the hours of 9 and 5." So apparently you just get cut right off when you are predicted to be still holding at 5.
I hate insurance help desks so very much.

4. My hip feels a lot better, but I'm holding off on running until I talk to my PT to see what he thinks about the pain. But I did go to the gym, and made sure to wear my St. Patrick's Day 5k shirt in honor of the holiday!
This is the shirt from the race where I acutely tore my left labrum. Good memories, eh?

5. Big Charity is a documentary currently in theaters. It tells the story of Charity Hospital post-Katrina. There is a lot of local stir about this movie: there are already high emotions regarding Charity, which, if not beloved, has a lot of city history. Many people hold that there were political reasons for its closure after the storm - not flood damage, as represented. Lots of doctors I know went in to Charity and insist it was relatively unharmed, yet it was closed anyway. I haven't watched the documentary, but I want to, even though it's politically biased and skips over most of Charity's fascinating history. I expect to see people I know in the film, and I'll see a building I know, too - Charity looms large and empty across from Tulane hospital, and I walk in its shadow to and from my car every day. If anyone has seen the film, please tell me what you think!
That's charity on the left. Taken walking out to my car. My pharmacy is directly inside the building at the end of this walkway to the garage.


  1. That sounds like a really great film--will put it on my radar screen! The phone call holding…SO annoying!

    Hope you get good news on the hip.

  2. I listen to "The Gist" podcast, which is sponsored by the HBO documentary "The Jinx" about Durst. I haven't actually seen the documentary or read about the case(s), but I've heard a lot about it (the documentary and a bit about the case) lately.

  3. There's not much better than getting appreciation from a patient. That was so sweet of him to give you flowers.

  4. That film sounds very interesting! I'm glad you got some flowers from a patient how thoughtful! And how awful to be on hold for that long and not be able to actually talk to someone. Boo.

  5. Awww, how nice! Hopefully that balances out the insurance dumbassery to some extent. Good luck at the PT!

  6. I watch the HBO documentary on Durst. It's really cool that the film helped potentially bring him to justice finally. He's a cold-blooded murder.

  7. I really want to see the Charity documentary. My husband's parents met while both working there. It is really sad to see it sitting there decaying.