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Monday, September 22, 2014

My favorite ten mile loop

I was going to name this post, "First double digits back!" until I realized I already wrote that post. Injury-prone, much?

Go ahead and rip me a new one in the comments. I deserve it. I did a stupid thing on Saturday and ran 10 miles.
No, I didn't mean to go eight, but got caught up in the beautiful weather, blah blah.
I didn't plan on seven but oops, got lost (in my own neighborhood...).
I didn't think the group was going eight but somehow we went ten. 

I actually left the house with the evil intent to run ten miles. I missed running long on Saturday, I missed feeling tired after running, I missed my old ten-mile loop, and I missed running without taking walking breaks. Walking breaks were officially lifted Thursday, but I'm pretty sure my doctor did NOT intend for me to do ten miles. So just in case, I made sure I didn't ask him.

My ten mile loop is broken into sections. From my house, I run up to St. Charles Avenue, then head toward Carrollton Avenue.
1. Carollton:
I run past Palmer park on Carrollton. It has a 1/3 mile walking loop.
Boring neighborhoods along streetcar line. Pretty, but never my favorite part of this loop. I turn around at Claiborne right before Carrollton turns into fast food places and ghetto. I head back up the way I came.
2. The levee:
This tiny ridge of dirt is all that's keeping the Mississippi out of my living room.
I cross St Charles and get on the levee (construction at this point is FINALLY finished: the levee has been under construction for two years). I love this part of my run: it's very flat and fast once the path is shielded from wind off the river by office buildings, and I always remember winning The Wall 30k and this being that very last section! That was a crazy race (I woke up with some serious GI issues and there was a windy storm) and moments of fighting that wind always pop back into my head here. Thinking about winning a race is never a negative, though, bad stomach and weather aside!
3. The Fly:
I always run along the river, rather than up on the road.
I follow the levee up onto The Fly, the local name for Audubon Riverside park, and always stop for water at the fountain. The fountain is 4.5 miles into my run, and on hot summer mornings water is extremely appreciated at this point.
4. The Fly connects back to Audubon park:
The tree on the right fell down this spring in a storm and I actually cried.

I run through Audubon and exit back onto St. Charles. If it's hot out, I stop at the fountain right before I leave the park at mile 6.5.
5. St. Charles:
Running on the tracks 
I sometimes switch to the streetcar tracks here, and run up to Napoleon, turn around, and head home. I follow St. Charles all the way to my street. Right in front of my door makes exactly ten miles.

I loved getting back on my old loop, even if my left quad decided to spasm for two hours after, and I spent Saturday a little stiff. The only thing missing was my post-long-run club soda, a delicious tradition. And now I am back to following rules. I just broke this one, tiny one so don't be too mad.


  1. I bet you had the best runner's high after your ten. Glad to hear it was a success. :)

  2. What a lovely route. :) I'm so happy for you that you got back to more miles and it went well.

  3. lol. I guess for something as serious as what you went through, I would try to follow the plan to a T with no deviations. Glad that you are back running 10 miles though, wow. Even healthy my longest run is 12 miles or so lol. Audubon Park looks gorgeous. You are lucky to run where you are. Also, I know in a post a while back you said that you were never going to run competitively again, but I think you are too competitive of a person, and also too good of an athlete to not run competitively again. I guess take it as it comes.

  4. Be careful! I know how hard it is to return to running slowly as it killed me to slowly return to running! That said that is a beautiful loop!

  5. We in glass houses can't throw stones. I've done the same myself. In fact I'm planning on running 16k on Thursday instead of the 12k that my coach has assigned me just because I've missed running a certain route and I'm feeling really good at the moment.

  6. I won't say a word! ha! I get this! sometimes you just gotta run.

  7. How could I be mad at you for something I would also try to do? It's like a dare. waiting for you...
    I would totally swap courses with you for a while! Once my foot thing is done, of course. Or I can't stand it anymore.

  8. Remember when you asked which one you were? Please be careful. 10 is too much. You know that.